What’s new at Daily Kos? Read what you might have missed in July

For us at Daily Kos, July tends to be a slower month: the sun is shining, summer is in full swing, there are holidays and our employees and readers are taking advantage of the opportunity. With that said, there are still some new things brewing that I want to highlight in case you missed out on it last month.

With the Delta variant on the rise, there was a lot of coverage of COVID-19 on the website in July, and those stories were widely read – four of our top 10 stories were about COVID-19 or vaccines. In general, our readers have focused less on COVID since 2021 than they did in 2020 for obvious reasons: many people have been vaccinated, public spaces reopened and the party responsible actually believes in science. But now that the Delta variant and various restrictions are changing in response, people are understandably looking for more information and news about COVID. In addition to COVID, big topics continued this month like the former White House resident (32% of our top 50 stories about Trump), ongoing coverage of the commission on Jan. 6 and the first hearing of the special committee and Simone’s decision Biles is withdrawing from the Olympics for psychological reasons.

Daily Kos continues to fight the ridiculous Robert Kennedy Jr. lawsuit. In case you haven’t heard, Daily Kos is being sued by Robert Kennedy Jr. for revealing the name of one of our anonymous users who wrote a story about Robert Kennedy Jr. who joined neo-Nazis for a COVID protest in Berlin. Of course, we are fighting this lawsuit body and soul – Daily Kos would never voluntarily divulge our users’ personal information, and doing so would set a dangerous precedent. Earlier this month, Markos shared his response and an update on how we are now fighting this lawsuit not in one but in two different states – New York and California. Markos also delved into the public health threat that Robert Kennedy Jr. poses as one of the leading figures responsible for spreading vaccine misinformation on social media. If you are interested in helping us continue this fight, click here.

Our team of Community Contributors, led by Jessica Sutherland, welcomed Chitown Kev as our newest Community Fellow. If you don’t know and love him, Chitown Kev has been a long time active member of this site – author of Abbreviated Pundit Roundups, contributor to Black Kos, part of Readers and Book Lovers group, and more. You can find his APRs at the top of the front page on Thursdays and Sundays now, and soon you’ll be seeing some longer stories from him too. Emily Epstein-White also joined Jessica’s team as Senior Editor to help us build more support for community writers.

Further highlights from July:

  • The community wrote many of the most widely read stories this month. Seven of the 10 most exciting stories and half of the top 50 came from the community. The three most compelling stories were Unvaxed Trump supporter, who spread coronavirus conspiracy theories, dies of COVID-19 by DannyB, Ron DeSantis fed COVID crow from a doctor he mocked in Fox News by Aldous J Pennyfarthing, and Roger Stone, who attacked Ivanka and Jared, did someone turn on Daddy Douchebag? by Upstate NYawker.
  • These community stories were the stories with the most initial commentators: The unvarnished Trump supporter who spreads coronavirus conspiracy theories dies of COVID-19 by DannyB (18 people signed up to comment on this story). Eric Clapton says he won’t be playing in places that require a COVID-19 vaccination because of course he did from Aldous J Pennyfarthing (11 people signed up to comment on this story) and I’d love to go over Talking introversion…. by canadiangal (10 people signed up to comment on this story … and it was the very first story by this author!).
  • We had excellent original coverage. Dave Neiwert attended the Red Pill Festival in Montana, a meeting of conspirators and pro-Trump Republicans, and wrote about the experience. Laura Clawson also reported on the Frito-Lay strikers in Kansas, drawing on original footage, photos and quotes from our community organizer, Christopher Reeves.
  • We announced the payment of the second installment of the Black Solidarity Grantsto fulfill our promise to donate 1% of our earnings to organizations that fight for black liberation. Daily Kos Liberation League oversaw these efforts.
  • The letter covered the fight for rural voters with JD Scholten and John Ray, democratic voters and 2022 with Emily Cain and polls with Civiqs director Drew Linzer. The letter is also streamed on the following platforms: Apple podcast, Spotify, stapler, and Google podcast.
  • Our Daily Kos / Civiqs poll this month showed that half of Americans blamed Trump and Republicans for the January 6 attack on the Capitol. It also showed that 39% still believe the 2020 elections were stolen from Trump, 96% of Americans believe the history of slavery should be taught in schools. less than half of Republicans consider it important that children be vaccinated against diseases other than COVID-19 and above.
  • Our activism team has worked with outside coalition groups to keep up pressure on Congress to make America’s job and family plan big, bold, and green. We have a historic package that can rival the New Deal and the Great Society, but we need all hands on deck to get it through a tightly divided Congress. You can help by asking the Democrats to do the job here.
  • Our activism team has also focused on judicial advocacy campaigns and working with the Fair Courts Task Force coalition to validate bold, progressive candidates for the Bundesbank. We’re also working with a small group of organizations to respond to new Brett Kavanaugh revelations regarding the botched FBI investigation and to prepare for a potential Supreme Court vacancy. Click Here To Request Hearings About The Mock Investigation Of Kavanaugh.
  • We produced a video that explains everything we do at Daily Kos. to do. It is often difficult to explain the many things we have to offer to people who may not know us. This video does a good job of breaking it down in just two minutes.

What were your highlights this month? Big stories you’ve followed? Favorite comments? Greetings to the community members? Something that you think deserves more attention? Sound down!

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