US girl arrested after deepfaking her daughter’s cheerleading rivals

A Pennsylvania woman was arrested last week after police found she had created “deepfake” videos of her daughter’s cheerleading rivals, allegedly to harass and intimidate her.

The alleged crimes of the woman, charged with multiple offenses, include sending videos to the cheerleading team coaches and to the girls who have been modified with AI software to make the team appear to be members get involved in indecent or irregular behavior.

The case is being handled by Bucks District Attorney Matt Weintraub’s office, which recently told reporters that the woman had also sent anonymous messages to victims harassing them, including statements asking cheerleaders to kill themselves to take.

Local news reports suggest that the woman’s actions were intended to drive her daughter’s rivals out of the roster – all signs suggest the daughter was unaware of her mother’s actions.

Background: Detectives tracked the woman down after tracking down phone numbers used to send messages to the cheerleaders. According to reports, the phone numbers lead to a company that sells deepfakes to marketing teams. It is currently unclear whether the woman works for the company, asks for his work, or did the deepfakes herself.

Take quickly: Don’t believe everything you see Deepfakes have been around for a number of years and a number of people have been arrested for abuse.

We’ve seen them entertain and amaze each other, but since their inception it has been clear that deepfakes pose a threat to society.

Fortunately, there are still ways to spot deepfakes. However, this could change quickly if developers figure out how to fix the platform’s shortcomings.

As the skill and level of technology required to tell the difference between a deepfake and the real one continues to grow, we will almost certainly see more situations like this one.

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Published on March 15, 2021 – 17:46 UTC

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