The Texas School District, which closed after the death of two teachers from COVID, is reopening with mask compulsory

As a 41 year old Sixth grade social studies teacher Natalia Chansler died just days after testing positive for COVID-19 in late August. She became the second teacher at Connally Junior High in Elm Mott, Texas to die within a week. On August 24, 59-year-old David McCormick died after battling the virus for a week. McCormick had been on campus on the first day of school, August 18, and Chansler had last been in school when she tested positive on August 25. This resulted in a “drive-through COVID test session for CISD staff, students and the community”. Members performed this morning [which] yielded a positivity rate of 26% “on August 30th.

The entire district was closed to cope with the casualties, test even more people and also thoroughly clean the facilities. CNN reports that during the shutdown, counselors were made available to students who lost teachers to COVID-19, and Superintendent Wesley Holt stated in his email that the tests gave the district a better understanding of the health landscape with which they have to do it. “Almost 600 people attended the two-day event with an overall positivity rate of 16.3%. Many of the people identified as positive for the virus were asymptomatic, ”he reported.

At the same time that Connally ISD told Superintendent Holt to his ward that schools would require staff and students to wear masks on campus, Texas Attorney General Paxton posted the threat on Facebook:

In light of our upcoming legal action, three school districts have deftly lifted their mask mandates: Trenton, Calvert, and Los Fresnos ISDs. This way, they save taxpayers unnecessary litigation costs and comply with state laws. MANY more ISDs are still breaking the law. Lawsuits are pending against them THIS WEEK. Cancel now or see it in court!

As a reminder: Ken Paxton has signed up “more than 22,000 man hours” on the Texas taxpayer who only worked on “voter fraud” cases last year. Paxton is easily one of the most lavish attorneys general in the country as its office appears to be specifically ghost hunting and child suing.

CNN reports that McLennan County has 37,492 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 572 deaths – four of them on Sunday alone. The infection rate in the district with around 250,000 inhabitants is over 15%. Waco and McLennan County’s official COVID-19 health website reports that the total number of deaths so far is 578. According to local health officials, there were 181 new cases involving 202 hospitalized patients and 39 patients on ventilators.

If anything can be called the silver lining in all of this, it is that the seriousness of the vaccination impressed those who were closely touched by these tragic losses. Natalia Chansler’s sister Annice told CNN that part of her family was skeptical about the vaccination. “You took this step and I am so proud of you. I hate that Natalia only died to understand how important it is, but I’m just glad they did. “

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