The Texas governor bizarre vows to eradicate rape in order to barely defend the abortion ban

“It’s not necessary at all because there is obviously at least six weeks to get an abortion. For one thing, it doesn’t offer that [sic]. However, let’s be very clear: rape is a crime and Texas will work tirelessly to ensure we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively prosecuting, arresting and prosecuting them. And to get her off the street. So the number one goal in the state of Texas is to eradicate rape so that no woman, no one is a victim of rape. “

The only thing that was true about this false incoherence was the claim that “rape is a crime”. Really go to the ledge, Abbott. Given that Abbott and the rest of the obsessive-birth movement have a track record of serial sexual assault that only a rapist could believe; and the people who are depriving women of reproductive rights believe in a handful of hardback scrolls that themselves tell of rape thousands of years ago, it is quite hubris on the part of the governor to believe that he can do what his god is couldn’t. But it doesn’t matter! He’s not even trying to make sense anymore.

According to the End the Backlog website, which keeps tabs on unchecked rape kits in every state, there are still well over 2,000 rape kits in Texas that have not yet been tested. Abbott himself has vetoed bills that would protect children from child sex trafficking (which includes many forms of sexual assault). While most of what happens in the following clip is just an arrogant and ill-equipped politician trying not to answer a real question, the terrifying part is that Abbott – along with the rest of his Grand Old Party – can make decisions just like that The best way to get rid of all of these uncomfortable truths is to eliminate “rape” altogether – as in the concept that it is a thing that even happens.

The very real answer here is that right-wing evangelists, compulsive births, Abbott just don’t believe in rape. The trauma and consequences of rape are irrelevant to the conservative movement. Like everything so-called conservative Christians believe, doing everything and doing as little as possible, praying and confessing when necessary, can hack your way to heaven. What happens to the rape victims or what happens to the unwanted child who is forced into birth does not matter. You ticked off one of your free playing cards.

The collective cult gossip behind him is the big giveaway that the governor isn’t offering anything substantial.

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