The sunshine-hearted interview from Oath Keepers reveals how little we have discovered since Oklahoma Metropolis

Jim Arroyo, an Arizona Oath Keepers leader, bragged to CBS reporters that because of their affiliation, they received top-notch paramilitary training.

“Our boys are very experienced,” he said. “We have active law enforcement agencies in our organization to help us train. We can fit in with our law enforcement, and in many cases our training is much more advanced because of our military background. “

While Arroyo seems to believe this will help the public feel more comfortable about giving unaccountable guards like his group a law enforcement role, she is actually raising even brighter red flags about the extent to which our law enforcement organizations have been infiltrated by and legitimately occupied with right-wing extremists.

This problem became apparent when it was discovered that 31 law enforcement officers in 12 states had been linked to the Siege of the Capitol on January 6th. It has become a priority as the links between law enforcement and the Proud Boys’ far-right street fighters, whom the Oath Guards have linked arms with at various times, also became more prominent after the uprising. For these reasons, the FBI sent a bulletin to law enforcement agencies advising them to look out for infiltration by such far-right groups.

This, as I explained more than a decade ago, is exactly what makes organizations like the Oath Guards so potentially dangerous to our democracy:

Inevitably there will be competent killers who will either join the far right of our military ranks – especially if they were recruited for these beliefs before or during their service – or stage right-wing extremist “lone wolves scenarios”, and they will have the ability to wreak havoc.

One of the experts CBS consulted on the play, ex-NSC Senior Cirector Javed Ali, commented, “I think what makes the Oath Guardians unique and challenging, aside from the fact that they are a formal group with chapters across the country A large percentage have tactical training and operational experience in the military or law enforcement. That gives them at least one skill that many other people in this far-right space don’t have. “

One of the ways the Oath Guardians, like all sorts of Guardians, have always avoided accountability – as they did from the start when a prominent Oath Guardian spokesman was arrested for sexually abusing his young daughter – is to claim, that someone was causing trouble or breaking the law wasn’t actually a member of the organization. That way, they can see the violent paranoia of the black helicopter and the utter incompetence that revolves around their activities (including the moment the Oath Guards and militiamen fought each other in 2014) as the mere side effect of the occasionally irresponsible non-member by his name.

In the interview, Arroyo sticks to this tradition by distancing his Arizona group from the national organization – although 12 Oath Guards were charged with conspiracy to obstruct Congress because of their actions that day, and prosecutors are circling founder / President Stewart Rhodes. who himself defends the people who have been arrested so far and describes it as “political persecution”.

“I would like to congratulate Stewart Rhodes and his ten militia friends on first place in the ultimate fool’s contest because it was,” said Arroyo. “That goes against everything we’ve ever taught, what we believe in. It was planned in advance. It was staged beforehand. Ten people do something stupid and suddenly we’re the devil. “

Oddly enough, few members of his group actually seemed to believe that the Oath Guards arrested so far were actually Oath Guards. “Some of these people with oath guardians may have been BLM,” said member Cathy York.

“For me it could have been a false flag,” said another member, Gary Harworth. Both insisted that “we don’t know” if they pushed the matter.

“They are stupid people,” added York. “It’s stupid. We won’t do that. They are not oath guards.”

This claim does not stand up to historical scrutiny, let alone consideration of the organization’s increasingly hysterical rhetoric over the past year – which includes Rhodes, which calls for an armed “civil war” with “Antifa” and “leftists” like Black Lives Matter. as well as his calls before and after the election calling on Donald Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act, declare martial law and round up “traitors”.

As the 60-minute report pointed out, it is noteworthy that, with all the warning signs that things were going on on January 6, law enforcement and security were so ill-prepared for the crowd of Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally to enter the Capitol. However, the role of blending law enforcement with such an extremist organization (unfortunately buried in the subtext) is central to understanding how this happened.

“If they had paid attention to the entire network of far-right groups on the Internet who were extremely vocal and very public about what they wanted to do, we probably would not have seen so many people break into the Capitol,” said MilitiaWatch overseer Micah Loewinger told 60 minutes.

If it feels like we’ve decidedly refused to learn for the past 26 years, you are not alone.

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