The Republicans are attacking the correct to vote

At ABC News, Devin Dwyer analyzes Republican attacks on the right to vote and a major pending SCOTUS case:

Pushing as Republicans in almost every state new voting restrictions after 2020 In the election, the US Supreme Court will hear an important case on Tuesday to determine how these new rules should be judged under federal civil rights law. […]

In the center of the case is the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965, which bans racial discrimination in voting and sets the standard for determining passing. Section 2 of the Act states that any act that “results in the denial or curtailment of a US citizen’s right to choose a race or color report” is illegal.

Ari Berman at Mother Jones has more:

The cases filed by the Democratic Party against the state of Arizona and the Republican Party of Arizona involve two voting restrictions passed by GOP-controlled lawmakers – a ban on collecting postal ballot papers and a law that casts incorrectly cast districts – who were knocked down by them Ninth Court of Appeal in January 2020 for discriminating against Native American voters, Latinos and blacks.

From 2008 to 2016, Arizona cast more than 38,000 ballots because voters appeared in the wrong constituency when their votes should still be valid for statewide office. Arizona turned down more ballots outside of the county than any other state – an eleven times higher rate than the second most popular state, Washington. In 2016, Indians, Latinos, and black voters were twice as likely to cast their ballots for this reason as whites.

Don’t miss this piece by Ryan Cooper on the need to quit the filibuster:

A great nation should pass laws based on who wins elections rather than who can find the most expansive readings of an obscure procedural rule.

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