The rebel needs to be tried in Texas, not town that terrorized them

From the Washington Post:

An attorney for a woman who bragged on a Facebook live stream about storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 asked a federal judge on Wednesday to move her case from Washington to near her home in west Texas, and said a more Republican jury would decide guilt or innocence more justly.

Jenny Cudd, a 36-year-old florist and former mayoral candidate from Midland, Texas, has been charged on five counts, including obstruction of due process, trampling, disorderly behavior, and showing, demonstrating, or picketing in the Capitol.

“Preliminary outreach and community prejudice in Washington DC have likely affected the jury pool to the point that the [entire panel] must be viewed as corrupt, ”argued Cudd’s attorney Marina Medvin.

You don’t say that

Okay, I get it … but Texas? The jury is more likely to bake her a cake than to judge her. These people chose Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott. I think your verdict is suspicious.

Medvin also stated: “The facts of this case revolve around Donald Trump and his supporters. The evidence in this case is in every way emotionally political. But the jury that would hear the facts in Washington DC is the most politically biased jury in the country (against Trump). “

The Post notes that Cudd’s request to move is unusual. Not only is this the first such request among the more than 300 people indicted in connection with the January 6th Capitol uprising, it is believed to be a violation of protocol because federal law “Ordinarily, defendants must be brought to justice where a crime took place, and the US law firm and the FBI’s Washington branch led the far-reaching investigation. “

“This amazing lack of political diversity is unique to the District of Columbia jury pool,” continued Medvin. “Furthermore, this lack of political diversity in the (jury pool) comes at a time when politics has divided Americans on an extraordinary level.”

Hmm, yes, we are divided. I wonder why. If you don’t want to be tried by Democratic jurors, maybe start your next riot in Idaho or Wyoming.

I have little sympathy for Cudd. On the one hand, she advertised her (alleged) guilt. She broadcast her actions live on Facebook and explained: “We collapsed … Nancy Pelosi’s office door. “She also admitted that she” indicted the Capitol today with patriots, “boasting,” Hell, yes, I’m proud of my actions. “

It’s like the Zodiac Killer putting his name, address, and social security number into a children’s highlight word search puzzle.

Not only that, Cudd has apparently shown little remorse. Aside from having a sweet Mexico vacation that even brave patriots like Ted Cruz couldn’t manage, she complained that the people who dropped them tried, “cancel me for standing up for what I believe in ”and complained that the answer to their actions is“ 100% cancel culture ”.

Anyway, Jenny.

I knew Mr. Potato Head. I played with Mr. Potato Head. Mr. Potato Head was a friend of mine. Mrs. Cudd, you are not a Mr. Potato Head.

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