The primary political adverts of the following cycle are already right here … and the Republicans will not be joyful

During the impeachment negotiations on Wednesday evening, the newly seated St. Louis Rep. Cori Bush defeated white supremacy in 30 seconds. Just a day earlier, she tabled a resolution calling for the expulsion of 100 or more House Republicans who not only voted against the confirmation of the electoral college’s results, but supported the idea that the election had been “stolen” – the big lie that drove the rioters into the Capitol on January 6th.

Members of the House are unlikely to get the votes they need to sack a quarter of their members. However, if the investigation of members who were actively involved in the planning of the insurrection produces definitive evidence, there is a very good chance that some members will not only be expelled but charged.

On the Senate side, both Hawley and Ted Cruz are likely to survive their support for the reversal of the election result, even though Hawley continued to show his support for the effort in the hours immediately after the Senate was forced to flee their lives. However, it is very likely that voters will have many memories of which Senator raised his fist in greeting to terrorists on that terrible day.

However, as the New York Times reports, Wisconsin voters need not wait to see the lines between Johnson and the insurrection. A Wisconsin Democratic Party television advertisement blew Wednesday morning. It’s the start of a solid week of seeing Johnson being beaten on both television and social media for his role in spreading lies about the 2020 election.

Johnson, who has always topped the list of senators who are most likely Russian assets, initiated and promoted lies about the elections both before and after the vote was counted. And he added another lie because after telling voters that he would be limited to two terms in the Senate, he could simply choose to stay in the Senate so he could block Democratic House legislation. That would put Johnson up for his next term in 2022, and also make him a big target for Democrats looking to oust a Trump-Putin fan from a state won by Joe Biden.

The display does not draw any strokes. It features images of the mob swarming over the Capitol, while reminiscent of a stinging editorial in the Milwaukee Journal tracking several members of the Senate’s “riot caucus”, including both Johnson and Hawley. That editorial urges Johnson to resign immediately instead of waiting 21 months for Wisconsin voters to send him packing.

Johnson is unlikely to give up. Neither are the ads.

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