The person curses racially earlier than spraying the proprietor of an Asian-American fuel station in Oakland with pepper spray

The incident occurred on March 11th at a gas station in Oakland, California. Footage shared by ABC news reporter Dion Lim quickly went viral on Monday when a racist customer berated the gas station owner for trying to pay for gas by dropping several quarters on the cashier’s counter.


When Cwell saw the man had something in his pocket, he reached for a cleaning spray to protect himself.

But it was too late. The surveillance video shows the man spraying pepper spray on Cwell. Cwell had to go to the emergency room.

– Dion Lim (@DionLimTV) March 15, 2021

“My co-workers, she says, ‘Well, wait, wait there,” said Cwell, the gas station owner who only wanted to be identified by his first name. “You have to get this to the bank somehow because I can’t fit all of this into the till.”

Cwell tried to defuse the situation by attempting to speak to the man about his staff’s problem, dropping quarters when the man railed racially. “He just started talking … ‘You should go back to China’, like that. We just laughed because it was so incredible.”

Cwell told ABC News that despite owning the gas station for nearly 20 years and being used to dealing with customers of all kinds, this customer was different. After the man threatened to come back, Cwell followed him outside to grasp his license plate when the man started yelling racist slurs and hurling other abusive languages.

“Go and fuck your mom! Go and fuck your mom! You are not from here! You are Asian! Little d ** k! Little d ** k!” The man can be heard in a video that Cwell recorded.

The next part of the encounter became more physical. Although it wasn’t recorded, the man reportedly tried to drive his car over Cwell. “He ended up turning his car over on me. I considered it an attack,” Cwell told ABC News

At one point, Cwell noticed the man was pulling something out of his pocket, so he reached for a cleaning spray to protect himself but couldn’t use it before the man sprayed him with pepper spray. Security footage captured the attack. “The guy pulled out his pepper spray and shot me in the face with his arms. I ended up going to the emergency room to take care of myself, ”Cwell said.

Petrol station staff called Oakland police to report the attack and officers arrived at the scene shortly afterwards. Cwell noted he wants to bring charges and hopes his experience will help raise awareness of the rise in crimes against Asian Americans.

“I really appreciate your letting me share my story because this has to stop. I hope this brings awareness that everyone is going through the same thing. We just have to understand this and understand that we must all work together,” said Cwell Abc News.

The final incident follows multiple attacks on elderly Asian Americans specifically in California and Oakland. In the past few months, the Oakland Asian-American community has suffered a number of attacks, particularly against the elderly in the community. While hundreds of volunteers are working to do that Community saferThere are many ways we can help the AAPI community even if we don’t live in California. In addition to raising awareness, we must also challenge our members of Congress and hold our representatives accountable for the actions they are taking to protect the community and keep it safe. This violence must stop and cannot be tolerated.

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