The most effective robotic garden mowers for 2020

Mowing your lawn can be a therapeutic hobby, but it can also be a nightmare if you don’t find the time (or willpower) to start that old drawstring mower. Fortunately, for those of us ready to part with a few bucks, there are now robotic lawnmowers that take the time and pain out of seasonal lawn maintenance. A battery-powered, solid robo-mower can learn to cut your lawn inside and out, quickly, quietly and according to a schedule you have created.

We review the best robotic lawn mowers of 2020 with their top features. For our list, we consider the quality of services in some categories, such as: B. Noise level, automatic sensors and adjustability of the blades.

Worx WR140

This Worx model shows a strong understanding of what the average buyer needs from a reliable robotic lawnmower. First, they need a reasonable price: a lot of people who are interested in a robotic lawnmower don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, especially if they’re not sure how exactly it will work. Second, buyers are looking for bots that can handle relatively small spaces very neatly. The WR140 fulfills these requirements as it is a sub $ 1,000 mower that does a really good job on lawns no larger than a quarter acre.

The mower is designed to follow a schedule based on the information you provide in the app about your lawn. Light layers are cut that do not have to be emptied or collected. If necessary, you can still adjust the cutting height. The “Cut to Edge” design helps the knives mow as close to the lawn’s edges as possible so you don’t get those annoying stragglers hanging around the flower beds, and there’s a handy warning feature to notify you when your mower leaves the lawn Space indicating a performance problem or someone tampering with the device (every good robotic lawnmower should have this feature).

At 20V, it’s not the most powerful bot, but it has the features a lawn owner needs, including auto battery charging and the ability to climb 20-degree hills. The sensors keep it from colliding with anything surprising, and you can also use included magnetic strips to surround certain items to help the bot avoid that area. All in all that Worx WR140 is a great mower bot for first-time bot cutters.

Robomow RS630

We tested the Robomow RS630 a few years ago and it is still one of the leading robotic lawnmowers, although the price is a bit high. For larger and more complex yards, however, you’ll need a little more lawnmowers than the Worx above. The Robomow RS630 can handle yards up to three quarters of an acre and sloped yards up to 20 degrees, making this unit ideal for most yard types. It also has a rain sensor to prevent mowing in bad weather and automatic charging when the mower is low on power.

With an operational decibel range of up to 78 dB, the Robomow RS630 is certainly louder than the Husqvarna Automower 450X (our next recommendation), but significantly quieter than the average lawnmower.

Husqvarna Automower 450X

The Husqvarna Automower 450X covers most lawns – up to 1.25 hectares. While other models on this list have softer lines and warmer, matte color schemes, the Automower 450X has a glossier RoboCop 2 construction and looks downright menacing in your front yard.

As with the other models, you must “fence” the area around your lawn and garden before you start mowing. However, you can also customize the map of your farm via the app to mark additional zones to avoid. This is necessary for trenches or rougher areas where the mower may have difficulty traction.

You can set mowing times over the course of a specific month so that the model can trim as regularly or as minimally as desired. Regular mowing minimizes clippings and ensures a cleaner garden.

Perhaps the best feature, however, is its quiet operation. Rated at just 58 decibels, the Husqvarna Automower 450X is about as loud as an air conditioner. If you really wanted to, you could probably get away with mowing in the middle of the night without waking the neighbors.

Honda Miimo HRM520

It’s really no surprise that Honda – the company that brought us Asimo – was one of the pioneering manufacturers of robotic lawn care. Overall, the Miimo HRM520 is one of our most popular offers on the market with its 3-quarter acre mowing capacity and an impressive mowing ability of up to 25 degrees.

With the HRM520 app, you can adjust the cutting height, start or stop the device, and manage a calendar from your smartphone. This model uses an innovative “continuous cutting system” where the machine cuts your lawn about an inch several times a week. Honda says this promotes better growth and the overall health of the farm compared to infrequent and larger cuts.

These routine lawn sections also adapt to the seasonal variations in grass growth. Whenever thicker sections of grass are detected, it adapts quickly to allow for more accurate cuts. The Honda Miimo HRM520’s three landscape sensors allow it to detect and avoid potential obstacles.

Husqvarna 115H Connect

Husqvarna 115H Connect

The Husqvarna 315X is versatile, providing the ability to perform lawn maintenance for properties with half an acre or less, slopes of 22 degrees or less, and grass heights of 2.4 inches or less. The battery is charged for one hour and ten minutes and can be controlled via a smartphone app. Another great benefit of this mower is the LCD panel, which allows you to adjust the controls as needed.

Command technology is the premier feature that makes the Husqvarna 115H Connect one of the best voice command technologies available. A big advantage for voice command lovers is that this mower can be easily connected to Google Assistant and Alexa. With your commands you can start, stop, park, set how long the mower will run, pause and much more.

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