The main witness to Trump’s efforts to overturn the election is preparation for talks with House investigators

This is a man with interesting stories to tell – stories of what we increasingly know was an ongoing, multi-part coup attempt. As Blake notes, this does not mean that Donoghu’s testimony will be as fruitful as his simultaneous written responses to Trump’s efforts to overturn the election because, “We have seen before that people who we thought were motivated witnesses against Trump, fight back a little and reject the harsh spotlight that comes with criticism of the former president’s efforts. ”

While Donoghue turns out to be a cautious witness, his paper trail offers investigators enough to ask him some very specific questions, not just about Clark’s draft letter – of which MP Raja Krishnamoorthi told MSNBC only one of six such letters to other states, trying to overturn the results of all of them.

Philip Bump of the Washington Post wrote that Donoghue’s response to Clark’s draft letter was “probably written with the aim that it will eventually be read by external eyes. ”This is true, and it could mean he is also willing to speak honestly and fully with investigators after considering what his public legacy will be target. Even if this is not the case, it should be borne in mind that someone in the Trump administration who writes with a view that his words will end up being read in a post-Trump context is in sharp contrast to Clark, who also does one had a longer-term plan: Help Trump overturns the election and on the other hand emerges as Trump’s attorney general, who, regardless of the law, is even more committed to Trump getting his way than William Barr himself was.

Donald Trump went way beyond the usual loser behavior and tried to discard an entire election. Thanks to Richard Donoghue, Congress investigators have the receipts. Will Donoghue give them more personal testimonials?

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