The good COVID-19 aid is lastly turning into a actuality

However, MEP Pramila Jayapal, chairwoman of the House Progressive Caucus, described the bill as “a big progressive win” and the changes to it, other than the abolition of the minimum wage increase, were relatively minor on the whole. ”

While the bill is not perfect, it is both an important economic stimulus and an important piece of legislation to tackle child poverty.This is probably the most effective set of child poverty reduction measures ever put into bill, especially among black and Latin American children, ”said Indivar Dutta-Gupta of the Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality.

While Republicans have been yelling and whining that only 9% of the bill is for COVID-19, the reality, as Senator Angus King told NPR, is, “There are really two parts to this calculation. One is directly related to the health crisis, the other and the greater part are related to the economic crisis that caused the health crisis. “The first part covers more than $ 50 billion for vaccination delivery, diagnosis and tracking of coronavirus infections. The last part includes direct payments and unemployment benefits; as well as helping state and local governments to respond to both coronavirus and budget constraints due to the pandemic to prevent even more massive job losses; Home help; Funding schools from day care centers to universities; Help for people who have lost their jobs and are trying to keep their health insurance through COBRA; Help for the gastronomy so devastated by the pandemic; Money for public transportation, Amtrak, and the aviation industry; and the amazing widening of child tax credits, which will cut child poverty almost in half.

Everywhere you look there seems to be something good about this bill. If student loans are granted, a provision here would prevent surprising tax burdens on the amount granted until 2025. It includes $ 5 billion for disadvantaged farmers, a quarter of whom are black, through the Black Belt Justice Center Tracy Lloyd McCurty said the Washington Post was thatmost important law regarding the arc of black land ownership in this country. “(That says something about how little the government has done to help black farmers, but it’s still good.) The US bailout will also prop up troubled multi-employer pension funds and the retirement of a million current workers and save retirees.

There are so many good things here. So much rightly very popular stuff – popular with Republican voters, despite intense opposition from Congress Republicans. Be sure these Congressional Republicans do whatever they can to prevent this from happening, but Democrats expect they can get it passed before existing unemployment benefits expire on March 14th.

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