The eight-page letter from the ex-Capitol police chief principally says, “The white military did not actually scare him.”


In that letter, former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund blames everyone but himself for his amazing lack of preparation. Reporters should re-interview everyone he threw under the bus to find out the real story about why a white army didn’t really scare him.

– Dan Froomkin / (@froomkin) February 6, 2021

“A perfect retrospective doesn’t change the fact that nothing in our collective experience or intelligence – including information provided by the FBI, Intelligence, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and DC Metropolitan Police (MPD) – suggests that a well-coordinated, armed person attacked the Capitol could take place on January 6, “Sund wrote. Apparently not even the numerous social media posts planning the uprising.

Rep. Jackie Speier said in a letter to the president: “These platforms were instrumental in planning the January 6, 2021 terrorist attack on the US Capitol and the United States Congress. However, social media will not be used during the military’s accession reviews process or even as part of the background investigation process for security clearance, despite the collection and reporting of other intrusive, private information, such as financial and behavioral health information. This loophole is inexcusable. “

Oh, but Sund was definitely trying to list excuse for excuse, according to an ABC News report in his letter. He said the information received led him to believe that the rally last month would be similar to the previous demonstrations for President Donald Trump, which Sund reported as MAGA I for a November rally and MAGA II for a December rally ABC News. He said in the letter: “Members of the Proud Boys, white supremacist groups, Antifa and other extremist groups were expected to attend the January 6 event and be prone to become violent.” Then Sund added that “this was very similar to the intelligence service assessment of the MAGA II event on December 12, 2020”. Both of the previous rallies saw “limited amounts of violence and / or injuries to officials and a limited number of arrests,” Sund said in the letter.

“Having previously successfully conducted two large post-election demonstrations with a plan of action based on intelligence assessments that had proven credible, reliable and accurate, we assumed that the intelligence assessment would be for January 6, 2021 as well was correct. “he said.

The former police chief said “the entire intelligence community has apparently overlooked this”. It’s the kind of oversight or presumption of innocence that people of color rarely afford.

Timeline Sund explained the uprising:

– On Jan. 4, both the Capitol Intelligence Police and the inter-agency coordination division “assessed” the likelihood of arrests or civil disobedience and found the threat to be “remote” to “unlikely,” Sund said in the letter. Even so, he made sure each officer was leading the event and prepared about 250 officers from Civil Disturbance Unit Platoons, ABC News reported.

– On Jan. 5, Sund informed his team that he could expect “a long day, large groups, and clashes that could potentially include violence,” reported ABC News. He also had a virtual meeting with “a dozen of the best DC law enforcement and military officials, including the FBI, US Intelligence, and the National Guard.” Although the Secret Service escorted former Vice President Mike Pence to the Capitol, the Department of Homeland Security did not issue a threat notice, and no company Sund spoke to earlier in the meeting stated: “There would be a coordinated violent attack. ” he said.

– On January 6th, when the crowd of white supremacists broke through the capital, the Capitol Police evacuated the legislature to safety and tried to secure hallways. He said the Capitol Police were “outnumbered and against tremendous odds … not failed”.

Sund finally admitted in his letter that “a number of systems have collapsed” and that those who violated their oath of office “must be held accountable”. He said he would do whatever was asked of him “to make sure that an attack like January 6, 2021, never happens again.”

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