The California metropolis’s two-year common fundamental revenue experiment brings nice information

Those who oppose Universal Basic Income (UBI) plans often argue that the no-obligation part prevents people from finding employment. It’s the same argument they make for welfare or food aid, and in all cases they have been proven wrong. At the time, Tubbs explained some of his thoughts to POLITICO on the subject: “There is this interesting conversation about the value of work. Work has some value and dignity, but I don’t think we work 14 hours and are not able to pay your bills or have two jobs and not be able to – there is nothing inherent in that dignified. “Amen.

The Washington Post reports that the study conducted by independent researchers made it The University of Tennessee at Knoxville and the University of Pennsylvania found that scholarship recipients were “twice as likely to get full-time employment as others”. Most of the money was spent on essentials such as food, and money on alcohol or tobacco accounted for less than 1% of participants’ expenses. Perhaps most importantly, the relief that comes from just scraping it off has made an intangible difference in the lives of the Stockton participants.

After a year of getting the money, 62% of people paid off debts, compared with 52% before the study. The researchers also said that most people transitioned from likely mild mental disorder to “likely mental health.”

Tubbs, who lost his re-election campaign last November, says the study at least shows that any restriction on money given to families during the COVID-19 era should be reconsidered. St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter told the Post, “The study shows what mayors know: people work, but the economy doesn’t.”

Since Mayor Tubbs took a bold step into the 21st century, he has inspired dozens of other city officials from across the country. At least 40 US mayors have signed up with the Mayors Group for guaranteed income. They hope to start their own UBI pilot programs as our anti-egalitarian economic system leaves more and more people behind. This news, along with the accelerating failure of our country by the COVID-19 pandemic, will hopefully lead more and more politicians to try out some of the more progressive strategies the old left has been talking about for well over 100 years.

The daily Kos met with Mayor Michael Tubbs back in 2020 (remember?) To answer a few questions for our Making Progress series.

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