Supreme Court fallout; MAGA purity tests; DeSantis triples in death

It is Friday! We are close to Labor Day weekend. This is the time of year for Americans to remember that unions protect workers from the machinery of greed and money. It’s also the weekend when people eat a lot of hot dogs and corn and burn charcoal. While all of this is happening, it is important to remember that every hour a Republican reaches a new and cowardly level of hypocrisy; But as climate change and a global pandemic are real things, and as women’s health and civil rights are under attack, these machinations make people’s lives increasingly precarious.

Here are some stories you might have missed.

Jim Jordan (Q-OH): Who are you going to believe, me or these two videos?

Expanding the Supreme Court is probably the only way to save him, let alone the Republic

The anti-election activist in Texas admits that the bounty hunter law is a way for men to control women in their lives

Ron DeSantis goes back to court putting kids at risk even though nobody wins, not even DeSantis

Trump led a fascist purge of his Republican Party. Now his base finishes what he started

Ivermectin is NOT a highly effective treatment for COVID-19

From the community:

NASA’s Earth Observatory notes that climate change has pushed forest fires higher up.

USGS: Increased pumping in California’s Central Valley during drought worsens groundwater quality

Vigilance works both ways. Any Texan can sue Greg Abbott. Right now.

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