Steve Sarkisian says Texas Longhorns are “greater than in a position” to compete at a excessive degree

Steve Sarkisian, who made his first appearance at the Big 12 Media Days as head coach of the Texas Longhorns, said he doesn’t think the program takes a long rebuild to win.

“We have a squad that is more than capable of being competitive at a high level,” said Sarkisian, who was 46-35 years old as head coach at Washington and USC between 2009 and 2015. “This is my third time as head coach. And to inherit this team, which had a 7-3 season with three losses by 13 points, we’re in a slightly better position than most of the others, if You take on a new program. “

Speaking to reporters at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Sarkisian said he hadn’t paid attention to the Longhorns’ fights for the past decade. Texas has only won 10 games in a season since the Big 12 last won the title in 2009.

“We can’t sit back and relax and think because we have a great stadium, because we have great resources, because we have five-star, four-star players that we just sprinkle with a little magical fairy,” dust and suddenly we’re a really good football team, “said Sarkisian.” Winning is tough. Winning takes work. Winning takes courage and great teamwork. “

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Sarkisian has trained in four national championship games – won two and lost two. And while the Longhorns roster has talent, he said the best teams he was a part of were more than just a collection of individuals.

“The reality is that the best teams I’ve ever played in really play for each other,” said Sarkisian. “Ultimately, that’s what we try to convey to our players.”

Sarkisian said the quarterback race between Casey Thompson and Hudson Card was on but said he firmly believed it would both give them a chance to win.

“I just didn’t feel like 15 workouts were enough to get a man started in a brand new system, a brand new program in front of brand new coaches,” said Sarkisian. “I’ll say it’s a bit of a luxury for me to have two such high quality quarterbacks. They’ll make it difficult for me. And because I’m naming a guy, the starter doesn’t mean we don’t need him.” other.”

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