Stealing Pelosi’s laptop computer and breaking into the Capitol was not sufficient to maintain this white lady in jail

The “seriousness of these crimes is great, they cannot be overstated,” said US judge Martin Carlson. While a federal attorney argued earlier this week that Williams should not be released on bail pending a trial, claiming she could escape, Carlson noted that Williams had no previous convictions. Given that Williams tried to escape prior to her arrest on Monday, and this was confirmed by her mother, her white privilege clearly allowed her to be released.

Black Americans are arrested daily across the country, but their lack of criminal records does not affect the circumstances or charges they face. In one case Daily Kos A young black girl was reportedly arrested and taken into juvenile detention for failing to do her homework. Police officers in similar incidents arrested children for tantrums.

Others, including protesters and lawyers across the country, have been jailed for peaceful protests and demonstrations. Not only did Williams instigate violence, but he was caught trespassing and stealing on camera. Daily Kos reported that footage from ITV News showed Williams in a green T-shirt and brown trench coat repeatedly instructing the rioters to “go up the stairs” towards Pelosi’s office during the January 6 attack.

According to an FBI Court recordsWilliams was also filmed with surveillance cameras in the Capitol, which not only went in and out of Pelosi’s office but allegedly took “a laptop or hard drive” with them. The FBI was made aware of Williams’ actions and video footage when a former Williams partner gave them a lead claiming that Williams planned to sell the computer to Russian intelligence.

According to The Associated PressWilliams defense attorney Lori Ulrich told the federal judge the former friend who alerted the FBI had abused Williams and that “his allegations are exaggerated.”

Ulrich also blamed Trump for Williams’ actions. “It is unfortunate that Ms. Williams took the president’s bait and went to the Capitol,” said Ulrich.

While Pelosi Deputy Chief of Staff Drew Hammill, Approved On January 8, that a laptop went missing in the conference room, the location is still unknown and was not discussed in court on Thursday, the AP reported.

To like others who have been released After her involvement in the riot at the Capitol, the only restrictions Williams faces are travel. She is due to appear in court on Monday to continue her case.

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