Senate wavers; ICE knowingly unfold COVID; The precise-wing extremist rebellion is simply starting

For some right-wing extremists, the attack on the Capitol was just an experiment. State capitals are likely to be the next destinations.

On the News Today: After a violent uprising, the Senate continues to be a cesspool of complacent procrastination, treating each of the nation’s most pressing crises as little more than the backdrop to its latest monologues. The country’s leading immigration agency continues to prove to be little more than a sociopath employment agency. A neo-Nazi conspiracy to start a civil war by killing other far-right activists may have been foiled by federal law enforcement agencies, but as far-right adaptation of new tactics aimed directly at legislative buildings and lawmakers continues to grow, the violence continues zu is certainly in the works. You may want to look at pictures of puppies or something afterward; it was a long day.

Here are some of what you might have missed:

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