See Pete Buttigieg study in individual what his historic nomination actually means to him

“You will be the first openly gay person to serve in a Senate-approved position as cabinet secretary,” said Tucker. “You will also be the first millennial cabinet member. Do these milestones mean something to you personally? “

We all know Buttigieg is no stranger to eloquent, moving comments. And his answer to that question is no different.

“I can remember being a teenager,” said Buttigieg. “I remember being in Indiana in the 1990s and watching on the news when James Hormel was proposed as a candidate by President Clinton for ambassador. Couldn’t get a hearing in the Senate, was relentlessly attacked for being gay. I wasn’t even alone at the time, but I noticed this story.

And over the weekend, after mentioning Historia, I tracked down the former ambassador and called him. In the end he came to serve, but only by appointment. And he said he made sure he was proposed for something that had to go to the Senate and knew exactly what was going to happen. Because he knew that this would break off at this barrier so that the next person would come along. When this announcement came out that I was standing on the shoulders of people who came before me, I was aware.

And I understand that part of my responsibility and my chance is to make it a little easier for the next person to come along. And I hope there are young people who may have wondered if they belong, maybe have reasons to wonder if they belong to their own families and communities, and understand the message the president-elect sends when he does creates a place of belonging A place like the cabinet table in the White House. “

Here is this clip.


If Pete Buttigieg was ratified by the U.S. Senate, he would be the first chamber-approved LGBTQ cabinet secretary. He says, “I understand that part of my responsibility and my chance is to make it a little easier for the next person to come along.” #CNNSOTU

– State of the Union (@CNNSotu) December 20, 2020

And when it comes to the details of transport, Buttigieg talks about what he would focus on as Transport Minister, in addition to a huge, hopefully non-partisan, infrastructure package that Biden has identified as a top priority. Buttigieg says, “Americans shouldn’t settle for less when it comes to the infrastructure resources we really count on.” He describes his perspective as part of a “mayor’s perspective” and that in a community like South Bend, “traffic is a part of everyday life,” as is the economy.

As Buttigieg Tapper said, he thinks about transportation in terms of jobs, economy and, luckily, climate. “I think about the climate, ”he said. “There is no way we will do what we as a country have to do if we don’t push the transport sector.”

Fortunately, Buttigieg also brought up race and transportation, a huge but little-discussed aspect of infrastructure development and climate in general. “It’s disproportionately black and brown neighborhoods that have been divided by highway projects because sometimes they didn’t have the political capital to withstand, or sometimes they didn’t have anything. Come to the low-income or inferior parts of the city. We have a chance to get it right. “

He also discussed occupational safety, which is of course particularly important in view of our ongoing pandemic crisis.


Buttigieg: “I’m thinking about the climate. There is no way we will have what we as a country have to do if we don’t push the transport sector.”

– Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) December 20, 2020

Tapper alleged that Trump recently held an Oval Office meeting at which his allies reportedly discussed the possible appeal to martial law in states Biden won. (Trump claimed on Twitter that this was “false news”.)

“Obviously it’s irresponsible and dangerous,” Buttigieg told Tapper, adding that this was ultimately a “land of law”. Buttigieg confirmed that Biden will become President Biden on the day of his inauguration.

As a veteran, Buttigieg said he was reassured that public and uniformed service professionals would obey the law, even though he felt the Army Secretary – of course – shouldn’t have come out to clarify that it didn’t matter gives US military in determining the election result.


Pete Buttigieg says Pres. Trump’s Oval Office meeting, which discussed martial law and a special lawyer in the effort to overturn the election, is “irresponsible and dangerous. Ultimately, this is a land of law and the American people have spoken” #CNNSOTU pic.

– State of the Union (@CNNSotu) December 20, 2020

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