Robust Psaki shadow after Fox requested Information reporters why they did not invite Trump to advertise the vaccine

“You’re drawing some conclusions that I didn’t see in the data,” Psaki replied. The question was whether the Biden administration would credit Trump more for introducing the COVID-19 vaccine to increase the vaccination rate among reluctant people. According to the inquiring reporter, a majority of the unvaccinated people identify as Trump supporters.

The question came from Fox News reporter Peter Doocy. Maybe Doocy forgot, but Fox News has been a leading force in spreading COVID-19 misinformation since the pandemic began. It is likely a more effective strategy for him to encourage the news agency he is affiliated with to stop telling lies than to involve Trump in efforts to vaccinate people.

Additionally, Trump and his administration spent their entire tenure during the pandemic downplaying COVID-19. Thanking Trump for launching his vaccine sounds like a joke given the language he used to describe the virus, his reluctance to wear a mask, and inability, among many other factors, to order enough vaccines.

As Psaki insisted, there is no evidence that these people will not be vaccinated because they want Trump more recognition – the evidence instead points to the misinformation and conspiracy theories that Trump and his friends have put forward.

Psaki noted the conspiracy theory that microchips were in the vaccine, a widespread rumor that was spread among Republican voters.

While Psaki said the Biden administration would not ask Trump for help with vaccine research, it noted that the government welcomes anyone who advocates vaccination. Trump said she shouldn’t need it “an embroidered invitation” to go with it.

“We have seen almost every former president have a role in putting out a PSA to make sure the people of the country understand that the vaccine is safe and effective,” said Psaki Has platform where he can inform the public that the vaccine is safe, is effective, we do not see this as a political problem. We would definitely welcome this commitment. “

The reality is, if Trump really cares about his supporters, who are victims of the constant misinformation he and his henchmen have been spreading, he doesn’t need to be recognized to make a difference. He can encourage her to get the vaccine, but he doesn’t care. Despite thousands dying every day and getting COVID-19 himself, Trump as president still told his supporters that the virus wasn’t a big deal – why should he change that narrative now?

Trump still refuses to take responsibility for his actions and his administration’s role in spreading COVID-19. Even with evidence that his supporters are less likely to be vaccinated than others, Trump will do nothing – he will continue to blame fake news and election results. “People refuse to take the vaccine because they don’t trust his government, they don’t trust the election results and most certainly not the fake news that refuse to tell the truth,” he said on Sunday.

Let’s be honest, giving him the recognition and clout he wants won’t make a difference. Trump can only do more harm than good and does not care enough about his supporters to debunk the very myths he spread.

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