Right here is the 2022 message that Democrats can not ignore

Glenn Youngkin, the GOP gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, is currently taking up critical racial theory for an election rehearsal after GOP activists accused Loudoun County school officials of teaching CRT in the classroom – an indictment the county has dismissed. But damn facts. In a recent Fox Business appearance, Youngkin alleged that Democratic governors, including his opponent Terry McAuliffe, injected CRT into the state’s classrooms.

“We watched the critical race theory come into our schools and try to divide our children by seeing everything through a lens as opposed to the content of their character.” Youngkin said, adding that he was “not afraid” to take up this battle for the teachings of the state.

Scapegoating people of color and white liberals for all perceived social grievances of the Conservatives is the flag that Republicans will carry until 2022.

But it’s all just a junk pile of GOP-produced controversy. From the big Seuss silence to the potato head hysteria to break the culture, Republicans will do almost anything to distract from what they really absolutely don’t want to talk about: the Capitol uprising and Donald Trump’s critical role, his Cult supporters and GOP Legislators fueled this attack.

Why are Republicans so afraid of it? Because if one of them is held accountable, the vast majority of them will at least be found guilty of public opinion in court. For this reason, on January 6, GOP minority leader Kevin McCarthy immediately killed the bipartisan commission that had complied with every one of his demands.

Unfortunately for McCarthy and the rest of the Republican Party, they’ll have a lot more distraction by the fall of 2022.

Just this week, the Justice Department argued that defendant Michael Perkins would continue to be held in prison for posing an imminent threat to society, according to NBC investigative reporter Scott MacFarlane.

“The danger that the accused caused by supporting the violent mob should not be underestimated,” argued the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. “It is therefore a danger to our society and a threat to the peaceful functioning of our community.”

On Friday, the Justice Department made a similar argument to hold Defendant Alex Harkrider under house arrest on January 6th. Given that Trump continues to make false election claims and “hint that he may be reinstated as president in the near future,” prosecutors argued, the defendant is “not a good candidate to be in the community without electronic surveillance”. to ensure the security of the community and the security of democracy in the current environment. “

In other words, Trump and his supporters continue to pose a threat to society.

On cue, an attendee at a CPAC event in Texas sent Forbes reporter Andrew Solender a card that was distributed outlining a seven-point plan to restore “Donald J. Trump in days, not years.”


A CPAC participant sent me this picture of a card that had a “7-pt. plan to restore Donald J. Trump in days, not years, “which involves installing Trump as speaker and ousting Biden & Harris. pic.twitter.com/dS0tQ5jW7b

– Andrew Solender (@AndrewSolender) July 9, 2021

The Democrats would certainly like to center their mid-term campaign message on politics and politics alone. In 2018, the Democrats’ laser-like focus on healthcare was masterful and absolutely prevailed, not to mention the majority in the House of Representatives. But this is not 2018, and the Democrats cannot afford to ignore the blinking red flags from across the Republican Party.

First and foremost, the Democrats must continue to bring victories to the American people. The American Rescue Plan was a fantastic down payment they need in order to take ownership of the property. But some formulations of Biden’s American job and family plan must follow.

But the second part of that equation must include a full indictment and Trump and Republican lawmakers for the havoc they continue to wreak on our democracy. As I argued a few weeks ago, Republicans are not just telling a big lie – they are a threat from the terror inside our democracy.

If the Democrats play really hard, they have a chance to score a double blow in 2022: we deliver solutions to society while the Republicans pose a threat to them.

This is the argument Republicans fear most, and they are doing everything they can to keep it at bay.

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