One other transfer by the GOP to thwart the revolt investigation; Fauci versus Paul; Bezos vs. gravity

The Republican election of the top House of Representatives to the January 6th insurrection investigation immediately announced that the investigation was being launched “solely to defame the Conservatives.” Three of the five elections voted against acceptance of the election result hours after the Capitol was secured again.

On the news today: House Republicans have selected their members for a House of Representatives investigation into the January 6 insurrection and, as expected, decisions appear to be aimed at discrediting the investigation by turning it into a partisan circus. Dr. Anthony Fauci runs out of patience with Senator Rand Paul after Paul makes another Senate hearing stink with sketchy claims of a pandemic. And another billionaire in the world has risen to the envied status of “payload” that the rest of you are still complaining about?

Here are some of what you might have missed:

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