One other police taking pictures; Biden border priorities; Mitch versus firm

Refugee children in border protection custody after crossing the Rio Grande

On today’s news: More police violence. The Biden administration’s budget reverses Trump’s course on the southern border. And it doesn’t look like companies are heeding Senator Mitch McConnell’s warning to leave the money on the desk and prevent their opinions.

• Minnesota police shoot and kill 20-year-old Daunte Wright after air fresheners stop traffic

• The horrific video shows a police officer who killed Daunte Wright that she used her taser

• Biden’s budget is looking for help for unaccompanied children, backlog on asylum applications, no new money for the wall

• McConnell’s warning to companies to stay out of politics doesn’t seem to be working

• Given the difficult medium-term situation, the Democrats have a short window to ban gerrymandering

From the community:

• The ash from La Soufrière volcano in St. Vincent is spreading as relief efforts intensify

• Funny how racists who break the law never seem to see the power of cell phones.

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