Mobile Legends Hack: Diamond, Fragment and More (2021)

In all fairness, there are a ton of shameless copies of commercial video games out there. From PUBG, which was mercilessly copied by Survivor Royale, to Overwatch, which gained the glory of Heroes of Warfare, then there’s Mobile Legends, an excellent MOBA that doesn’t deny the fact that it’s a League of Legends- Clone acts.

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With a wide range of playable heroes and different game modes, Mobile Legends challenges players to take part in a 5v5 MOBA battle against real opponents.

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It’s a pretty cool game in itself and while it offers pay-to-win it still offers intense and fast-paced gameplay that is second to none. That being said, you’d want the game’s fast matchmaking and live streaming capabilities.

By now, if you noticed, Mobile Legends has a number of premium items available for purchase, as well as several upgrades. From unlocking heroes to buying aesthetic skins and more, only the financially thrifty can afford to use real money to buy the game’s diamonds.

But we urge you not to fumble with this article. We are going to unravel the best Mobile Legends hack and once that is done we will move on to reveal the steps on how to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends. So grab a cup of coffee and read on.

Mobile Legends Hack

Mobile Legends 3D View Hack in action

When we listed GameGuardian as one of the best game hacker apps for Android, we sure weren’t kidding. It’s literally like a Swiss Army Knife, designed to give you a head start in your favorite video games. For the uninformed folks, GameGuardian is a tool that allows you to modify the content of your game for certain benefits and improvements.

It works by injecting complex code during the runtime of a game, allowing it to change the desired parameters. Assuming you’re looking for a speed hack, GameGuardian makes it easy for you to change a game’s internal clock to get instant improvements on buildings that take hours to build or to get your energy back quickly.

Now we can painlessly use GameGuardian to hack Mobile Legends. The app can still help you unlock all the skins and heroes in a game despite its inability to perform real diamond hacking in server-side games. So, if you are looking for the best Mobile Legends hack to use right now, here is one that works.

Hack mobile legends for 3D viewing and more

Assuming you’re familiar with GameGuardian, you know the app uses .lua scripts to work. Hence, you can find a number of scripts that you can use to hack Mobile Legends with ease. After searching the internet, we discovered two scripts that were well worth our time and believe me, they are feature-rich.

From zoom out to radar hack and map hack, there’s Ghost Radar, Clear Battle Records, Auto Lag for Enemies, and more. They can also help you unlock all of the heroes as well as their skins, and the drone view and 3D view hack are something that you would like.

Assuming you already have GameGuardian installed, download one of the scripts listed below.

When that’s done, launch GameGuardian, then click Start and minimize the app.

Next, open Mobile Legends and you should see one GG icon floating on the screen. Click on it and then select Mobile Legends in the process Window that opens.

Then tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left to jump into the settings menu. Set the freezing interval from here 0 μs.


Then just scroll down until you find the text that says: Hide GameGuardian from the game. Click on it and tick all the options that appear in the pop-up window. Then tap to save.


Now from the GG Menu, click that game Icon on the right side of the screen. This will immediately open a window.

Go ahead and click the three dots next to the file bar and then search your device’s storage or SD to find the .lua script you downloaded in step 1.


When you find it, select it, then click Carry out. That’s it. You can now select the hack you want and it will be added to the game immediately.


Note: To avoid any kind of crash, try not to update Mobile Legends from the Google Play Store once these hacks have been applied.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

There is no doubt that diamond is the premium currency used in Mobile Legends. It is so rare that players unwilling to spend real money often look for a third alternative. Here they fall victim to the latest Mobile Legends Diamond hack scam.

From online generators claiming to offer unlimited diamonds in exchange for completing mundane tasks known as human verification, to multiple YouTube videos asking you to like their channel and do other things To win a giveaway, you should know of all people that this is FAKE.

One hack that caught our attention is using GameGuardian to change the real value of the diamonds you have to any amount. Although this trick works visually, you will not be able to output the generated diamonds. Now, if you want to buy heroes and skins and even play the round of gambling without spending a dime, here’s how to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends.

1. Perform a live stream


As mentioned earlier, Mobile Legends has built-in live streaming that you can use to stream your pro games. If you are lucky, the viewers of your stream can give you Diamonds as a gift, provided they like to see your stream.

While this sounds easy, it is not easy to do because it takes a lot of effort and dedication. First, you need to hone your skills a bit to bring your audience the best gameplay ever, and you can go even further to create a personal brand on YouTube or Facebook to grow your followers or community.

2. Take part in the Mobile Legends tournaments

The second trick is to take part in the official Mobile Legends tournaments every now and then. There you have the chance to win thousands of diamonds and cash. So, if you think you have a team of talented heroes then we recommend that you take part in this challenge, because Moonton will reward you richly.

Wrap up

So, these are all of the legitimate Mobile Legends hack that are worth using right now. While you can easily top up or top up, we urge you not to go this route as buying diamonds from third parties is considered illegal. Overall, have fun playing.

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