Just a few phrases from a Texan who’s bored with going via extraordinary instances

Boyd began his tirade by saying, “Let me hurt some feelings while I have a minute !!” It’s a succinct expression of the beliefs of the modern Texas Republican Party as I’ve seen them. They see politics as a way to cause pain to those who despise them. If their cruelty is clearly spelled out, you are the one who is too sensitive. You could never be the wrong person. The ability to stand by this position is Trumpian, but older than Trump: never apologize and never withdraw.

The reality of a changing climate is that we just become more dependent on each other and have to choose what kind of world we want to live in when it burns – or freezes. In an interview with Texas Monthly, Energy Advisor and UT Austin Smart Grid and Mass Power Systems Research Assistant, Joshua Rhodes said while it is theoretically possible that we avoided this week’s energy crisis, there is also a specific reason: Powerful people made decisions. […]

People in my state are dead. They deserve to know the truth about their deaths. Your government has not adequately prepared you for a climate change catastrophe. Your government has not adequately prepared for this climate change catastrophe. And there will be more storms. […]


Basis for a just and inclusive restoration, by Maya Pinto, Rakeen Mabud, Amity Paye, and Sanjay Pinto.

A possibly wonderful summer by James Hamblin. Families will gather. Restaurants are reopening. People will travel. The pandemic seems to be feeling behind us – even if it isn’t.

The everyday resistance of enslaved women, by Stella Dadzie. Studying history is like detective work – especially when the black women rebellion has been left out of history.




We just hit $ 4 million!

Houston Reps Sylvia Garcia, Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green are doing an amazing job with local relief organizations to provide emergency relief to Texans.

Today we went to food distributors, water delivery points and home tours of affected Texans. pic.twitter.com/5QzIgYvz8L

– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) February 20, 2021


“The average American doctor visit takes four years to spend as much time with his doctor as he spends on his phone in a single day.”
~~ Emmanuel Fombu, The Future of Healthcare: People and Machines as Partners for Better Results (2018)


That day at Daily Kos in 2008– Past time to end the embargo on Cuba:

A year and a half ago, the announcement that most observers would expect from Cuba any day was that Fidel Castro, the island’s long-ruling communist caudillo, had died of gastrointestinal problems brought on him by an older but staunch leader turned into a ghost and forced him to temporarily transfer authority to his brother. Instead, he did what some said he would never do willingly: resigned. The exact parameters of his state of health are unknown, as is knowledge of how much of an infinity he can stay at his old age. One thing is certain, its effect, for better and for worse, will not be quickly forgotten.

With Castro officially out of the picture for the first time in 49 years, the next issue is in Cuba in southern Florida, where the extensive Cuban exile community has changed this part of the state almost as much as Castro has changed the island. and elsewhere, including Washington, where these exiles have had an unbalanced influence on US policy towards Cuba for decades?

What better time does the United States have to positively influence the sclerotic regime governing Cuba by overhauling its own sclerotic policies? This could begin with phasing out the 46-year-old embargo that has violated the average Cuban and giving Castro a rhetorical stick and mask, one to beat up US politics, the other to the regime’s failure to hide and justify its excesses. No chance it seems. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte said Tuesday that he could not “imagine” an end to the US embargo “in the near future”.

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