Insurgent from January 6th wants the ankle bracelet removed because he is embarrassed in front of his customers

According to NBC News:

Attorneys for a former army captain accused of breaking the Capitol on Jan. 6 are calling for his ankle monitor to be removed as his random beeping could lead to embarrassing interactions with potential business customers.

The GPS device is also a security risk, said lawyers for the Florida man arrested in January, Gabriel Augustin Garcia.

“The monitor happened to start beeping loudly around potential customers, followed immediately by an embarrassing phone call from law enforcement agencies asking for its exact location,” the lawyers said in court documents filed earlier this month.

Holy shit. How many of the Planck-length violins currently playing at Garcia fit on the head of a pin? I really want to know.

His attorneys continued, “The monitor around his ankle is unsafe and an occupational risk; he climbs ladders and the GPS monitor often gets stuck on the next step of the ladder when climbing; Once he almost fell off a ladder. “

Almost fell off a ladder? I almost lost my democracy. His perfidious pelvis would be healed at some point. Our country, not so much.

Garcia, who owns a roofing company in Miami, has been charged with several crimes related to his role in the January 6 riot, including civil unrest, obstruction of due process and disorderly behavior in a Capitol. He is currently on bail and has pleaded not guilty.

According to the FBI, Garcia posted videos on Facebook during the riot. In one he is reported to have said: “We just stormed the Capitol. It’s getting ugly. “He reportedly told his Trumpies colleagues to” storm that shit, “described the Capitol Police as a” traitor, “and shouted,” Nancy, come out and play! “

So, yes, he has to run free like the proud, majestic lion that he is.

I don’t know about you, but I thought the whole point of the criminal justice system is to stop people from doing criminal shit. Trying to overthrow the legitimate government of the country you live in is certainly considered a criminal.

He should thank his lucky stars that he was not immediately put in chains and disappeared into a labor camp. In other words, he’s lucky to live in America. And if we all do our part, maybe we can keep this country more or less intact for the foreseeable future, no thanks to people like Garcia.

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