Information Roundup: Gaetz, Weapons and the Penalties of Trump’s “Misinformation” Marketing campaign

On the News Today: More trouble for Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, a proposed Biden executive order on “ghost rifles,” and a Georgia Republican who recognizes that Georgia Republican efforts to make voting difficult are actually wrong on Trump “Misinformation” was based. Here are some things you may have missed:

• Matt Gaetz switches from hot water to boiling after wingman cops deal with federal prosecutors

• Biden to issue executive orders on ghost guns and other anti-gun violence measures

• Trump’s ‘misinformation’ has fueled the Georgia voter suppression law … says the top Republican in Georgia

• Manchin defends his filibuster stance and shows how little he understands the Senate

• Time for a corporate tax plan that “ends US participation in the race to the bottom”

From the community:

• It’s official, the Republican Party has lost its collective mind

• This is the real reason for the GOP Voter Suppression Binge: You lose voters

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