Information Abstract: Conspiracies, Martyrdom, Erasure of Historical past, and Collusion

On the news Thursday: Republicans’ insistence on bowing to Trump’s altar could cost them any hope of retaking the Senate in 2022. Ashli ​​Babbitt’s martyrdom took law by storm. Republicans in Tennessee call Ruby Bridges a critical racial theory because they don’t want their history taught in schools. The Arizona Democratic Secretary of State calls on his Republican attorney general to investigate Donald Trump’s electoral interference in his state.

Some things you may have overlooked:

The electoral conspiracy of the Senate GOP candidates tarnishes hopes for a Republican takeover

Donald Trump jumps on Ashli ​​Babbitt’s conspiracy theory train

The Republicans of Tennessee consider Ruby Bridges’ story to be a critical theory of race to be banned in schools

The Arizona Secretary of State puts the GOP attorney general on the hot seat over Trump’s electoral interference

And from the community:

An unknown fatal disease is killing several species of birds and spreading across the country

The plane that saved the world

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