GOP admits they’re planning, with Manchin’s and Sinema’s assist, to kill Biden’s infrastructure plans

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Note that Thune is not making any promises that there will be 10 actual Republican votes in the long run for the deal that the Sinema-led gang is now said to be working on. But he’s going to pretend it could happen, telling CNN, “I think there would be significant Republican support” for a bill that looked something like what some members of the group said it was last week Agreement. This agreement, of course, did not contain many details and it certainly did not have the potential to generate any real revenue. Republicans are still talking about charging electric car drivers – which would raise a tiny fraction of what is needed – and stealing money from COVID-19 aid, which has already been rejected by the White House.

Also note that Mitch McConnell did not say whether he supported these negotiations, which gives the theory of a trap more credibility. Regardless of the fact that he has already made it clear where he stands: “My focus is 100% on stopping this new government … 100% of my focus is on standing up to this government.” If he doesn’t say anything about that particular effort, anyone can proceed as if McConnell would actually allow it. As if he wasn’t ready to turn the whole company upside down at the last minute.

The Democrats seem to understand what is going on here. For example, Connecticut Liberal Senator Richard Blumenthal says they need an “irrevocable” pledge from the moderates – the Democrats in Sinema’s “gang” – to settle the budget for a larger bill. Blumenthal thinks what he has seen of the gang as “very, very poor and disappointing” and said he has “the patience” for all this bipartisan foot-dragging. But if there was an “irrevocable commitment” to the next reconciliation package, then “I could hold my nose and vote for this package.”

Apparently there is also a democratic leadership. “Will the Democrats who are involved be in reconciliation with us that is not included? I think that is an important question. … This question has been asked several times and is a legitimate question,” said Majority Whip Dick Durbin, to Illinois Democrat, said. One of those five, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, told CNN that she supports the reconciliation and believes the others would too. “As far as I know, everyone has said that they can support reconciliation in some way. Now, as is well known, the devil is in the details,” Shaheen said on Monday. Maybe that’s an exaggeration. Manchin was reluctant on this question, Sinema did not speak about it publicly.

As far as is known, the gang’s agreement, which may or may not have actually been approved depending on who you ask, spans $ 1.2 trillion over eight years with only $ 570 billion in new spending. In the previous failed negotiations between President Joe Biden and Republican Shelley Moore Capito, he set a floor of $ 1 trillion for new spending. The Senate group would spend $ 974 million in the first five years on the “physical core infrastructure”, raise no taxes and “[m]each of the specific details has yet to be ironed out. “

The White House has told the Senate “gang” that they only have a week to 10 days to reach a deal. That’s enough time for Republicans to blow it all up, especially since we’re only a few weeks away from the July 4th and then August break.

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