GOP able to overlook the police homicide and desecration of the Capitol to indicate their love for Trump

The statement makes it clear that the January 6th events severely incriminated Capitol police. “We have an officer who lost his life as a direct result of the uprising. Another officer tragically committed suicide. Almost 140 officers are injured between USCP and our colleagues in the Metropolitan Police Department. I have officers who were not given helmets prior to the attack and who have suffered brain injuries. An officer with two broken ribs and two broken discs. One officer will lose his eye and another was stabbed to death with a metal fence post. “(On Wednesday, a member of the Metro DC Police who fought insurgents on January 6th also committed suicide.)

Understandably, the union’s anger is mainly directed against its own leadership, including former boss Steven Sund, the incumbent boss Yogananda Pittman and Deputy Chief Chad Thomas, who was known by everyone on Jan. 4 that Trump’s invitation to a “wild” event was likely to lead to mass violence two days later. Even so, only 170 police officers were given protective gear, and police were not given chemical weapons or lightning strikes used against peaceful protesters during the Black Lives Matter protests that summer.

Despite Pittman’s lengthy testimony on Wednesday, confusion persists over events that led to the uprising in which the police were overwhelmed by the thousands of violent Trump supporters who forced their way into the Capitol. Sund had previously alleged, and Pittman testified, that the police leadership had asked the police department for permission to alert the National Guard. The only member of this body who did not step down is the Architect of the Capitol Brett Blanton made his own statement on Wednesday, indicating that he was unaware of such a request and that a police department meeting was not being held at the time Pittman indicated.

There are still dozens of unanswered questions about why the police didn’t prepare for an event they knew would bring thousands of violent, armed extremists to Washington DC. This does not only apply to actions by the Capitol Police. There are still no responses from Pentagon officials both curtailing the authority of the local guard commanders and vacillating for hours, even as insurgents hunted hostages in the halls of Congress.

And there is the biggest question of all, why was any of this necessary? Why did the Washington Mayor, the police, and the National Guard leadership need petitions to set things moving? Why, when the National Guard approval reports finally came, only said that they had been assisted by Mike Pence?

The biggest unanswered question on Jan. 6 is what Donald Trump did. The house has already indicted Trump for his actions that included rioters who marched on the Capitol, murdered a police officer, entered the building and waged a war on democracy that included the use of pipe bombs and chemical spray. But why didn’t Trump immediately order the military to support the beleaguered police when the images of that riot were broadcast to the White House?

Yes, police operations seem confused. Yes, Pentagon officials appear to have weighed the “optics” of deploying forces in a wholly inadequate way. Yes, the complex mess of DC’s unique status resulted in additional steps that made everything slower. None of this should have mattered. The moment the insurgents broke the first line of police, Donald Trump should have made a phone call to order more support for the outnumbered officers in the Capitol.

He did not do it. He didn’t because, by all reports, Trump was busy watching in approval. Trump took the time to step out of the White House and tell people that they knocked down the police with thin blue flags. “We love you, you are very special.” He didn’t take the time to assist the police.

And this is the man whom the Republican Party has not only crowned as their leader, but the man they are still defending. Still to follow. Still supportive. The Law and Order Party is now the party ready to turn away from cop killers and rioters. To move away from the greatest crime an American official has ever committed. Benghazi was worth no less than 33 hearings, though none of those hearings has ever emerged as a crime. Now, despite the seriousness of the event, Republicans just want to … let go.

Not because they fail to see the scale of this crime. But because they still revere this criminal.

There’s one thing that can both help ensure that changing rules don’t hinder protection of the nation’s capital as well as breaking the Senate traffic jam: sign up to support DC statehood.

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