Fox Information Visitor Blames Mass Vaccination For Mass Vaccination For Positive, Why Not?

From NBC News:

A Public transport employees opened A fire on employees at a Northern California train station on Wednesday that killed more than half a dozen people before they killed themselves, authorities said.

Shots were fired at around 6:34 am near 100 W. Younger Ave. Fired in downtown San Jose and drew a major response from law enforcement, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office said.

“There are multiple injuries and multiple deaths in this case,” Sheriff’s deputy Russell Davis told local reporters. “The suspect is confirmed dead.”

I know it has been a long time since the pandemic forced us all into our little Saddam Hussein spider holes and I know my memory is no longer what it used to be, but I remember things like that from before COVID-19 are fairly common. I remember that time when a man killed 59 people and injured around 500 others from his Las Vegas hotel room during the Elysian reign of Donald J. Trump. Gun violence has been increasing for over a year.

But sure, let’s give the mass shooter the benefit of the doubt and assume that he saw this namby-pamby Biden regime coming and wanted to overcome the onslaught. That’s the only explanation these people seem to accept.

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner invited retired New York police officer Pat Brosnan, a regular Fox guest who previously linked a surge in Minneapolis crime to police reform efforts, to their show this morning, and the boy sounded like a donkey.

Catch sight of!


This seems like a strange finding from the mass shootings in San Jose.

Retired NYPD detective Pat Brosnan on Fox News: “As soon as the craving starts to rise, those cowardly shooters will come out with the exact number of vaccinations. You can be sure they were probably vaccinated.”

– Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) May 26, 2021


BROSNAN: In a rational world where the rule of law is respected and law enforcement is respected, like before the summer of love 2020, I think there would be a more nuanced response when it comes to opening a shooting, an active shooting, right next door there are a lot of armed professional marksmen under law enforcement. But the rules have changed. You know, crime is no longer illegal, there is no longer a lot of law enforcement, and there is empowerment for these active shooters. And you know Harris, this is a time when I wish I was wrong about my prediction, which I mentioned to anyone who would listen, that as soon as COVID starts to rise, those cowardly Sagittarians will come along with the number the vaccinations will come out. You can be sure that they have probably been vaccinated. They were just afraid to come out and they come back and you see, the numbers don’t lie. The shootings are increasing dramatically and are actually increasing with active shootings in the United States as we get through this pandemic. It’s really scary stuff.

I am sure the grieving families are rushing to blame the vaccines for this terrible loss. What is that old NRA saying? Guns don’t kill people, vaccinated people kill people?

I don’t know about you, but in my experience, people who choose the vaccine do so to safely get back to their favorite pastimes – and in none of those cases did any of those activities involve mass murder. The worst I’ve heard is that someone wanted to go to the Wisconsin State Fair this year to see Billy Idol, who is looking more and more like Michael Myers’ Halloween mask every day.

According to Justin Baragona of The Daily Beast, Faulkner did not pursue Brosnan’s risky claim that the vaccinated larval shells crawled out of the basement to put down the holy terror on the pure-hearted vaccine resistances below us … but were you really expecting them? to? You can fool anything on Fox News these days, and as long as it adds to the prevailing MAGA narrative, you will never be challenged. But maybe she could have asked why someone who wanted to commit suicide by a police officer would bother to protect themselves from COVID-19. Or why they want to help us achieve our herd immunity goal while trying to weed out the same herd.

In fact, a mass shooter who clears a few fellow citizens out of the way has a lot more to do with an anti-Vaxxer who doesn’t care about spreading disease and death than it does with people who do anything to end a devastating pandemic .

But hey, the longer you listen to nonsense, the more rational it sounds. Cult leaders have always known this – and this is a sucker of a cult we’re up against.

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