Former WH advisor Fiona Hill thought-about setting off a hearth alarm throughout the Helsinki Summit – to silence Trump

In the June 15 issue of Don Lemon Tonight, Hill shared how terrifying Trump was at the Helsinki Surrender Summit 2018. Notice? Trump took the word from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin about that of our own intelligence services and looked like a beaten animal that still thought it would one day get a deal with Trump Tower Moscow.


LEMON: “I just want to read something you told the BBC about the Trump-Putin press conference, this is in Helsinki, and you said this. They said, ‘My first thought was just,’ How can I stop this? ‘ I literally got the idea of ​​faking a medical emergency and throwing myself back at the media with a loud, bloodthirsty scream. ‘ I mean, of all the disastrous things you’ve seen on the world stage, Fiona, where was that moment and did you seriously consider that? Was it that bad? “

HILL: “I’ve thought about it seriously. At first I looked around to see if there was a fire alarm, but we were in a fairly large building that was attached to the presidential palace … and I couldn’t see anything that looked like a fire alarm.

You see, I had exactly the same feeling as Deborah Birx during the infamous press conference where President Trump proposed injecting bleach to counter the coronavirus. It was one of those moments when it was, frankly, humiliating and humiliating for the country. And I have to say, it was completely out of whack with what had happened in the previous session.

The meeting itself was pretty annoying. Putin had tried to pull a quick one again. He always likes to stir up outrage. It had occurred to him that the United States might allow the United States to interrogate some Russian military intelligence agents who had just been charged with meddling in the 2016 elections, but of course he wanted to let the world know that he would then have a few Americans would like to interview, including our former Ambassador Mike McFaul and a number of State Department officials and other officials whom he had also targeted so he knew it would stir up outrage.

But it was the press conference itself, and the way President Trump was unfortunately handling himself, which, you know, was the worst moment of all. And as I said, I just thought, let’s just cut this off, let’s try to end it, but of course I couldn’t think of anything that would not only add to the terrible spectacle. “

Think about it. A senior adviser to the President literally considered setting off a fire alarm to save Donald Trump and the nation from Donald Trump. The best idea I could think of was to anonymously send him a box of Velveeta-smeared sex toys – and that was after racking my brain for four years. But setting off a fire alarm was probably a better idea. Giving him a shiny new fire truck to play with would also have been a viable option.

Fast forward to today, when if none of President Biden’s advisors thought of dragging him to the ground and using an Exfil team to get him away from Putin, we are already far, far ahead of what we as a country have to do with this Time was last year.

But none of this will convince members of the Republican Bizarro World Caucus, better known as the entire Republican Party, except for MPs Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, as well as a few other consensus-reality dead ends. The GOP is currently envisioning a world in which Joe Biden, who has five decades of relevant experience, is somehow collapsing under the weight of his own expertise.

Um. Sure, Lauren. You may want to increase your daily intake of ginkgo biloba if you really can’t remember “a less qualified person”.

Meanwhile, Biden was busy giving us a refreshing study of contrasts.

We are now also supporting our allies instead of humiliating those Putin does not like.

I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot better today than I did a year ago. At least there is a much better chance of Biden getting Putin aside than the other way around.

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