FFXIV mods: graphics, texture, nude, clothing, and more

Final Fantasy XIV could have been the game that would have taken the world by storm if Square Enix had made a few tweaks here and there. It has amazing graphics and music indeed, but the gameplay, user interface, and overall feel were nothing special.

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Gameplay begins in the “realm” of Eorzea, where three nations that have long been in conflict face greater threat and are about to take revenge, then reunite and form an alliance with a group of adventurers in hope , the dark power plans to take over their realm.

Also, Checkout: Final Fantasy 7 Remake screenshots ahead of its release date, despite the backlash and critic reviews, FFXIV is still an amazing MMORPG game. Its character creation, crafting and harvesting skills make it addicting and you can even improve the game with some graphic mods. Below are the best FFXIV mods that you should install.

1. ReShade

Final Fantasy XIV’s graphics may be normal, but if you compare the color to today’s game graphics, you can see how washed out and muffled it is. It usually lacks vibrancy, and it was to solve this problem that ReShade was born. It’s basically a post-processing mod that, once installed, enhances the graphical output of FFXIV through an overlay, and there are also adjustable parameters that allow you to customize the colors to your liking. Alternatively, you can try StormShade.

2. Owl eyes of Eorzea

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When you first start Final Fantasy XIV, you will immediately think that the characters’ standard eyes look better. But once you apply the Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea mod, you will see how beautiful your character looks. It’s a texture mod that overhauls the eyes of every character in FFXIV regardless of their race or gender.

3. Lewd housing NPCS

ffxiv mods

The name itself suggests that it is an FFXIV nude mod. Its function is pretty simple as it is designed to alter or alter the original Valentoins apron dress to make it see-through. We strongly recommend this mod for every Final Fantasy XIV player. It is definitely a must see.

4. Hair defined

ffxiv mods

Hair Defined is one of the best hair mods for FFXIV. As the successor to HD Hairworks, it offers better graphics and a correction of the pixelated artifacts in the hair of FFXIV characters. For what it’s worth, hair is defined as a complete hair overhaul of all of the hair texture files in Final Fantasy 14. It brings over 1000 textures between hair, beards, eyelashes, tails and eyebrows.

5. HD EyeWorks V3

ffxiv mods

If you want to keep your character’s eyes looking sharp and detailed, then this mod is for you. HD eye work as opposed to Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea is one of the best FFXIV texture mods that gives players 50+ optional UHD eye textures to keep them looking alive. It is certainly one of those mods that need to be installed now.

6. Beautiful Eorzeans

ffxiv mods

In order to make the characters in Final Fantasy XIV look more attractive, beautiful and easy on the eyes, a friendly developer created a humble mod called Beautiful eorzeans, the main function of which is to replace the original facial textures of FFXIV characters with new ones and more detailed. It brings practical features that are safe to replace any face color.

7. Topless coronal summer halter

ffxiv mods

Lewd gamers rejoice as there are a sheer number of FFXIV nude mods out there that will get you up. The first on our list is the topless coronal summer halter, it’s a mod that changes the “coronal summer halter model” and thereby removes the bikini top for any female figure with the game. You will surely love this mod.

8. Casual Wear Strife Vest

ffxiv mods

Finally we have a battle vest for casual wear. It’s one of the best FFXIV clothing mods that you should try out. It’s specifically designed to take the junk or clutter out of various character battle vests, thereby replacing them with something much more convenient. Casual wear battle vest comes in two versions, one is a waistcoat and the other is a vest without a sword holster. The latter is perfect for players who don’t need a slashing debuff.

Find more about the FFXIV Mod Archive

There are a plethora of FFXIV mods out there on the web, from graphics to textures to male mods, clothing, and more. The ones listed above are certainly the best, but if you want to find more, you can head over to the FFXIV mod archive. It is hands down one of the best sites that has numerous Final Fantasy 14 mods out there.

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