Fb let anti-LGBTQ adverts riot in days resulting in the Senate Equality Act debate

“In June Facebook announced It would update its hate speech guidelines, including paid political ads, ”Brianna January reported for Media Matters. “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed in a Explanation on Facebook that the new guidelines on hate speech would cover gender identity and sexual orientation as part of banning a wider category of hateful content in ads ”.

Still, Media Matters has found at least eight ads in the past few weeks spreading the lie and the oft-repeated claim that transgender people are dangerous and predatory. The report says that almost all of them are now inactive, one from a Christian fundamentalist organization was still active at the time the article was published on March 17th.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ran two versions of an ad referring to a post Its website states, “The Equal Opportunities Act will legally stipulate that boys will be allowed in girls ‘sports, boys in girls’ locker rooms, men in women’s shelters and men in women’s prisons,” said Media Matters. Billy Graham was a passionate advocate of exposed, harmful “ex-gay” therapy. Meanwhile, his son Franklin Graham remained against marriage equality while worshiping a three-time married adulterer as a hero.

According to Media Matters, a second ad was also active at the time of publication. This was from the live extremist anti-abortion campaign which claimed the equality law was “an aggressive attack on human rights”. Media Matters said the group also promotes anti-transgender tropics. The bill’s claim “could end women-only spaces such as women-only bathrooms, women-only locker rooms, women-only treatment centers, and women-only sports.”

NBC News reported in 2019 that a study found that tRansgender and gender-specific non-binary teens were more likely to be affected by attacks and harassment as part of the anti-transgender policy. “By continuing to run anti-equality law political ads that appear to violate its policies, Facebook favors right-wing and anti-LGBTQ groups while capitalizing on anti-trans misinformation and bigotry,” said Media Matters.

During this week At the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Stella Keating testified what the legislation would mean for her as a transgender person. The daily Kos’ Marissa Higgins wrote that the 16-year-old teenager “shared that she currently lives in a state with equal protection”.

“What if I want to go to college in a state that doesn’t protect me?” Keating asked, “Right now, in many states, I could be denied medical care or just be evicted for being transgender. How is that even correct? How is that American anyway? What if I am offered a dream job in a state that I am in? can be discriminated against? Even if my employer supports me, I have to live somewhere. “


16-year-old Stella Keating looks, “As a high school student, I start looking at colleges. And all I can think about is this: Less than half of the states in our country give me the same protection under the law … How is that American anyway? “Pic.twitter.com/bkhCVObNlD

– Senate Judiciary Committee (@JudiciaryDems) March 17, 2021

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