Extra J&J Fallout; The White Supremacist Caucus (dis) is organizing

Politico Playbook:

On the second day of a massive wave of backlash, The “America First Caucus” appears to have been blown up on the launchpad when Rep. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE (R-Ga.) Released a statement Saturday distancing itself from documents revealing plans for a congressional group based on “uniquely Anglo-Saxon” traditions, and A spokesman told CNN She started nothing.


My 2 year old really wants to go out, but he really doesn’t want to put on shoes or a jacket and no logic can convince him that one makes the other easier and that he would be out sooner if he just did it.
Anyway, I read about attitudes towards vaccination this morning.

– Nicholas Grossman (@ NGrossman81) April 18, 2021

Brian Dickerson / USA Today:

Johnson & Johnson Break: COVID Vaccine Skeptics Need To Remember That Fear Can Also Be Deadly

Avoiding air travel after September 11th is a cautionary story for vaccine skeptics today.

Angie Rasmussen, A virologist at the Center for Health Science and Security at Georgetown University is a member of the population the CDC fears is at risk. But she has no inkling of her decision to receive the J&J vaccine, and finds that its effectiveness in warding off COVID-19 far outweighs the risk female recipients face.

“One in 170,000?” Rasmussen said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. “I will take advantage of these opportunities at any time.”

New York Times:

One America News Network remains loyal to Trump

One recently released OAN segment stated that “there are serious doubts as to who is actually president” and another accused “anti-Trump extremists” for attacking the Capitol.

He added that he and others at OAN disagreed with much of the broadcaster’s coverage. “The majority of people did not believe that the allegations of electoral fraud are in the air,” Golingan said in an interview, referring to his colleagues.

He remembered seeing a photo of someone in the Capitol holding a flag with the OAN logo on it. “I thought OK this is not good,” said Mr. Golingan. “That happens when people listen to us.”

Mr Golingan, the producer, said some OAN employees were hoping Dominion would sue the channel. “A lot of people said, ‘This is crazy and if they sue us we might stop posting stories like that,'” he said.

Jack Jenkins / AP:

Energized religious left vows to keep pressure on with Biden

As he prepares for the inauguration of Joe Biden, whose vice president will be a black woman and who has already promised to increase the number of refugees by a year over the next year Factor 10, These activists are wrestling over how to keep their momentum.

“Instead of constantly reacting to new terrible things from the president, we can look ahead and build a society where people can thrive, no matter what we look like or where we are from,” said Logan Smith, a spokesman for Bend’s Jewish advocacy group the Arc: Jewish Action.


5. As a result, we will likely never get a sense of the cost of having the ACIP (not) deciding to weigh the benefits of extending the break (fewer blood clots, more information, and possibly more public trust in the process of Government).

– James Surowiecki (@JamesSurowiecki) April 18, 2021

Govind Persad and William F. Parker / WaPo:

Extending Johnson & Johnson’s vaccination break by a week was a fatal mistake

On his To meetACIP analyzed the side effects of the vaccine with admirable transparency. However, there was no rigorous analysis of the risks of Not be vaccinated. Rather, ACIP insisted because “Alternative Covid-19 vaccines (mRNA vaccines) are available,” the compromises are irrelevant. This shows a deep disconnection from the reality that many Americans face.


“I very seriously doubt they’ll just break off,” said Fauci

He said he expected the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to return, albeit with possibly restrictions or warnings.

When asked in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” whether it is more likely that the vaccine will still be used with some restriction or not at all, Fauci insisted that “everything is on the table” but estimated that the vaccine was not postponed until afterwards Federal authorities demanded a break in use last week.

“I can give you my guess. My guess is that we’ll continue to use it in some form,” said Fauci. “I seriously doubt they’ll just cancel it. I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

“I think there will likely be some kind of warning, restriction, or risk assessment. I don’t think it will just go back and say, ‘OK, everything is fine’ and be right back,” he added. “I think it will probably read, ‘OK, we’re going to use it. But be careful in these certain circumstances.'”

David Leonhardt / NY Times:

Why do so many people who are vaccinated remain anxious? Listen to the professor’s story.

To give just one example: head media Sockets Last week, new government data was released showing that 5,800 fully vaccinated Americans had contracted Covid. This may sound like a large number, but it does indicate that the likelihood of a vaccinated person getting Covid is around one in 11,000. The chances of a version getting worse than a cold are even smaller.

But they are not zero. And you won’t be zero anytime in the foreseeable future. Defeating Covid will not come with its elimination. Instead, victory means turning it into the kind of danger that plane crashes or shark attacks represent – too small to rearrange our lives.

This is what the vaccines do.

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