eight homes with secret passages

A home can be more than you think. If you look behind a bookcase, under a trapdoor, or down a dark staircase, there may be more property lurking around you. Secret rooms and passages that were part of the home from the start, or savvy additions that were later added by inspired homeowners.

From underground wine cellars to Batcave-like garages, homeowners design living spaces with loads of hidden nooks and crannies to ensure a quick getaway – or to simply take their home to the next level. Below are some of the more innovative hidden rooms from around the world.

DA Studio architecture firm and artist Richard Woods created the four-story Rainbow House in central London. With transforming furniture, revolving rooms and a lively spiral staircase that extends over four floors and shows the full range of colors, this house is a sight to behold. However, one of the real gems in the Rainbow House is the secret passage built right into the floor of the master suite. With this hidden door and an attached slide, people can quickly move from the bedroom to the lounge below.

Simple walls and doors are boring. Why not spice up your living room and add a rotating wall? This black metal frame and plywood wall transforms the living room into a kitchen, revealing the home’s television. The faceted panels can also be separated and used to separate two individual rooms.

Do you love wine but can’t find a new place in your home to store your collection? UK based Spiral Cellars can solve this problem for you. The company is known for its dynamic wine cellars, like this subterranean beauty installed on your first floor.

Do you need to escape for a quiet time after dinner to ponder and ponder (and digest)? This stunning Jefferson, New York home has a secret door on the ground floor of the kitchen that leads to another part of the home.

Sometimes what’s behind a bookcase is even better than what’s on the shelves. For example, a spacious wine cellar sits behind a bookcase in this beautiful home in Tacoma, Washington. It definitely comes in handy when immersing yourself in a Danielle Steele novel.

This country style home is fairytale and is perched on a hill in rural Maine. A hidden passage is behind a bookcase that is in the turquoise common room, which allows quick access to a secret bathroom. Talk about a great escape.

We thought a house like this only existed in The Dark Knight films. This home was built along the lines of the legendary superhero pad and has underground parking accessible from the home’s tennis court. With lit lights on the ceiling and gray tiles on the floor, any average Joe will instantly feel like Batman.

Creative Home Engineering architectural firm specialize in a range of custom hidden doors for your home. The company is showing one of its electronic models at the nine-second mark in the video above. With the push of a button, a staircase is raised, giving individuals access to a hidden lounge.

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