DACA recipient, who wrote the history of the Rhodes Scholarship, receives approval to study abroad

While lower courts initially forced the previous government to partially resume the DACA program and accept renewal requests, officials in this administration were killed a provision that gave DACA recipients permission to travel internationally in very limited circumstances, including educational opportunities. Park told AP in January 2019 that pursuing his dream could also mean not being able to return to the United States “I’m going, there is a very real possibility that I won’t be able to come back,” he said in the report. “That is certainly the greatest fear.” Park, originally from South Korea, has lived in the United States since he was seven.

In light of this life-changing decision, Park used his platform to advocate for all undocumented young immigrants, including accepting an invitation to be a guest at the State of the Union in New York Representative Grace Meng.

“As a DACA recipient and resident of your Queens district, I look forward to attending the State of the Union to listen, learn, and discuss the importance of laws in bringing about a lasting solution for DACA recipients and all 11 million immigrants to find no papers. “He said at the time. Meng said the stance that Park and hundreds of thousands of other young immigrants were represented by the previous administration was “unscrupulous” and it was “shameful that Jin should give up this coveted opportunity for a Rhodes Scholarship, an opportunity he tirelessly has worked to achieve that. “

The previous government was later forced by the courts to fully reinstate DACA, and in March the Biden government announced it would publish a new rule to further protect the program. Since then, the 22-year-old competitive runner Luis Grijalva has been able to take part in the Tokyo Olympics through early parole, although he also ran for Guatemala, where he was born, due to his legal status. “I’ve been here for 21 years, in a way I feel as American as anyone else who was born here, but just having this birthright to be born here takes away from myself and everyone else who is there, so many possibilities DACA “, he shouldold CNN in July.

Tobar Potes told NPR late last year that DACA’s precarious position made him initially hesitant to apply for the scholarship. If it hadn’t been for the court rulings that forced the reinstatement of DACA, “then I just wouldn’t have applied, ”he said in the report.

But since then, a Republican-led lawsuit has halted all new DACA filings and continues to stress that young immigrants will remain under threat until Congress decides permanent relief for young people like Jin, Santiago, Luis and Juan Escalante, who met with President Joe Biden last month and urged the Democrats in Congress to permanently facilitate the budget balancing process. “It will be up to us to ensure that every Democrat in the Senate holds the line to include a path to citizenship in reconciliation and to resolve this issue once and for all for me, my family and millions of undocumented immigrants across the country. “Escalate wrote for Daily Kos.

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