Crimson Sox’s Alex Verdugo on throwing the ball at Yankee Stadium: “Followers flawed”

Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo was furious after he was hit in the back by a ball from the left grandstand at Yankee Stadium during Saturday night’s game. He cursed the fans who yelled at him while the security forces tried to find the thrower.

Boston coach Alex Cora briefly pulled his players off the field after the incident.

A spectator was eventually ordered to leave the stands. The Yankees and the MLB imposed a life-long stadium ban on this fan Sunday. The person is prohibited from attending games in any of the 30 MLB parks.

Here is the video of the fan getting kicked out for beating Alex Verdugo with a baseball. You can hear security fans help out who did it

– Jomboy Media (@JomboyMedia) July 18, 2021

Verdugo was calmer speaking to reporters after the game, but he still wasn’t thrilled.

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“The fans are wrong,” he said. “I have the feeling that anyone who gets hit by a ball like this is somehow free for everyone, just let everything hang out and let go of your emotions.

“I’m just glad that nothing came of it, nothing happened, no one was injured. I wasn’t hurt. We’ll look at this, I’ll laugh at it. I’m sure people will start fooling around with some people in our clubhouse about it. But yes, we have to clean it up. “

Verdugo said (via The Boston Globe) the problem started when he threw the ball at a Red Sox fan after using it to warm up between innings only to be intercepted by a Yankees fan. Other fans, Verdugo said, urged the Yankees fan to “throw it back,” so the fan did.

As emotional as Verdugo was right now, he knew he couldn’t go too far.

“We are the people in the spotlight and when we do something we look like s-” he said. “We look like the bad guys. But ultimately people have to understand that we are human too.”

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