‘Creepy Gaetz’ allegedly used Apple Pay to pay for intercourse … and never only for herself

Sex work is an old profession and sex workers must be treated and protected with dignity rather than prosecution. However, it does not appear that Gaetz approached sex workers in any way.

Instead, Gaetz and Greenburg reportedly worked together to recruit women through dating apps and online relationship sites. Then Gaetz provided the women with “Gifts, good food, travel, and allowances ”in exchange for sex. Allowances here mean cash payments.

In at least one case, the woman appears to have been someone Gaetz and Greenberg knew through their ties to Republican politics. This woman, with encouragement and payment from Gaetz and Greenberg, agreed to have sex with the unnamed third member of their sex trade ring.

On Thursday evening, ABC News reported that they had sources confirming much of the information in the Times article. That includes the information that Greenberg was charged in 2020 with sex trafficking in a teenage girl in 2017. It’s unclear if it’s the same girl Gaetz reportedly paid to travel. Greenburg has pleaded not guilty

As the Orlando Sentinel reported Thursday, charges against Greenburg go beyond sex trafficking allegations and include … almost everything. A political opponent is being persecuted; illegally acquiring $ 432,000 by creating a pair of front-line businesses to raise small business loans under the COVID-19 relief program; Using funds from his official position as a tax collector to purchase Michael Jordan memorabilia and defrauding the county by misappropriating funds to purchase cryptocurrency. In short, Matt Gaetz’s buddy never seems to have made a law he didn’t want to break.

Gaetz and Greenburg appear to have been in their online recruiting business for at least two years, making arrangements for women to meet in hotels, and pre-negotiating payments.

The relationship between Gaetz and Greenburg apparently goes back to the point where both Gaetz and his father were in Florida lawmakers. According to sources at ABC, women referred to Matt as “Creepy Gaetz” and he was seen frequently trying to pick up students from a nearby college.

In a previous interview with Axios, Gaetz admitted that he broke out his wallet (or cash app) several times. “In my individual days I definitely took care of women I dated. You know, I paid for flights and hotel rooms. I was generous as a partner.” But Gaetz denied that he had done something illegal: “I think someone is trying to make it look criminal when it isn’t.”

In a statement to the New York Times, Gaetz’s office went hard into the never suspicious third person: “Matt Gaetz never paid for sex, Matt Gaetz completely rejects all disgusting allegations. Matt Gaetz has never been to such websites. Matt Gaetz values ​​the relationships in his past and looks forward to marrying the love of his life. “

It is interesting that Gaetz referred to his “individual days” in the Axios interview and stated in the statement to the Times that Gaetz is looking forward to his upcoming wedding. Gaetz got engaged in December. According to reports, however, the FBI is interviewing women whom Gaetz paid for sex “only in January”.

This seems to indicate that Gaetz was still engaged in these acts for a month after his engagement in order to get married. It also shows that he carried on for more than six months after Greenburg was arrested and charged.

At some point, Fox has to mention all of this. But do not worry. You certainly have the “Rep. Matt Gaetz (D) ”Chyron meanwhile.

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