Courtney B. Vance speaks about Lovecraft Country co-star Michael K. Williams at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards

It has been a week since actor Michael K. Williams’ shocking death, and many of his fans and colleagues continue to pay tribute to him as they remember his life and legacy.

The 73rd Primetime Creative Arts Emmys took place on Sunday and Courtney B. Vance, who starred opposite Michael K. Williams on the HBO series “Lovecraft Country,” was recognized for his role on the series as a guest actor in a drama series demonstrate. During his acceptance speech, he honored Michael.

According to the deadline, he said, “Finally to Michael K. Williams. Misha said it best. Michael did everything with an open heart, with his infinite spirit and with way too much style. May he rest in power and let us all honor his immense legacy by being a little more love forward, a little more endless in thought and a little more ostentatious in fact. “

After his victory, he answered questions from the press backstage and continued talking about Michael’s influence. “I love him. We met for the first time recently. I’ve been following him and he’s been following me for a few years. We met about two and a half years ago at an event in New Jersey,” he said.

He continued, “This is his. We were brothers. I died on the show and we said goodbye, so it’s just too painful to really think about it, so I just honor him everywhere and in every possible way. “

Courtney also spoke about the cancellation of “Lovecraft Country” after just one season. He said, “I’m very sad about Michael and because we’re not still doing the show. In my head and in my soul it makes no sense … I’m sorry for the audience that we don’t see Game of Thrones like that, that we can’t follow these characters for seven years, eight years and learn more about that time and learn more about our people and their struggles. “

“It doesn’t make sense to fans and that’s all that matters,” he continued. “We all set up and then for some reason we don’t deliver. I’m sick of it … they can find a way to make a Game of Thrones, but not Lovecraft Country. “

As we reported earlier, HBO announced back in July that the show would not be renewed for a second season.

Look at Courtney B. Vance’s speech here.

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