Club Penguin Rewritten Codes and Pins (2021)

In our previous article, we detailed everything about Club Penguin rewriting and went even further to discuss its legality and safety. Here we are going to expand the article by listing all of the currently active and working Club Penguin Rewritten Codes that you can redeem now.

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In Club Penguin Rewrited, players are represented as penguins and have to complete various challenges to earn coins that can be used to buy pets, clothes, furniture and other items to decorate their igloos. The game itself is fun and nostalgic satisfying, but you can speed up your gaming experience by using the list of Club Penguin rewriting codes and pins available to unlock paid items for free. Even if you don’t have enough coins, you can still get these clothes and other necessary items without paying a penny.

How to enter the codes

Before we decipher the codes, we’d like to walk you through the steps of how and where to enter them. So, first of all, go to and log into your account “Unlock items online”. It’s in the top right corner.

The next window opens automatically a “I have a code” Text. Click on it and fill in one of the codes below.

List of rewritten codes from Club Penguin

As mentioned earlier, rewritten codes are used by Club Penguins to unlock clothing as well as coins and puffle pipes. So when you’re ready to step up your gameplay, here are a number of Club Penguin codes that are still active and available.

  • EASTER BUNNY – Gives you a yellow bunny shoe and 2,000 coins
  • EARTHDAY20 – Gives you a rock hopper costume, a snow leopard costume and an elephant costume
  • M44YJRX8T – Gives you a puffle care cap
  • AY3T2S2ND – Gives you a puffle care sash
  • R6RKN4YNY – Gives you an exfoliator
  • CARDJITSU3003 – Gives you 5 Jitsu cards
  • BROWNHAT20 – Gives you the brown skater hat
  • POTOGOLD – Unlocks the Pot O’Gold and rewards you with 1,000 coins
  • FREEDOM – Unlocks UK Hoodie
  • FREEDOM2 – Unlocks the green hatched hoodie
  • HIDDENPUFFLE – Unlocks Puffle Whistle
  • ONLINE SAFETY – Unlocked laptop
  • CARD DECK – Gives you 5 Card-Jitsu cards

Club Penguin Card Jitsu codes rewritten

Much like the Rock Paper Scissor game we’re used to, Card-Jitsu is a more advanced card game that can be found in Club Penguin Rewriting’s dojo. Here are some of the rewritten Club Penguin Card Jitsu Codes that you can use.

  • r3vUeNjR – 100 limit
  • YD5grZwjF
  • uYd4sH1E – 250 limit
  • pq9NBp7fn
  • jpNgtqVK – 400 limit
  • dCtc8jdDU
  • gmKyntGW – 500 limit
  • 8SUMzynD3
  • uYd4sH1E – 250 limit
  • xZpeHfPA
  • jfH5gxtQJ – 50 limit
  • xCwfbngH

Club Penguin rewritten pins

Pins are one of the collectibles in Club Penguin Rewrited. There are a lot of them (104 to be precise) tucked away somewhere on the island and they are mostly difficult to find. Below we list all available Club Penguin Pins and show you where you can get them.

1. Moss key

If you want to get access to the underwater room, you will need the moss key. To get it, just go to the mine and play Puffle Rescue.

Now select the ‘Black puffle ‘ to begin the search. Once you are under the water, go to the first level and get the black puffle.

Once you get there, stay on this tile for a few seconds and you will see a giant squid.

Follow it closely with the air bubbles and you will eventually reach a secret passage.

Go on it and enter the entrance. You will now land in the underwater room.

Get the moss key, exit the hidden lake, then go back to the underwater room. This time it should be opened.

2. Rockhoppers key

In Club Penguin Rewrite, we see Rockhopper visiting the island. That means people can step inside and explore his ship and even play the treasure hunt game for a limited time. But to enter the Captain’s Quarter you need Rockhopper’s key. How to get it.

First, go to the bookroom in the cafe and click on the red book in the lower right corner.

On the next page, click on the book called The Journal of Captain Rockhopper.

Then scroll to the last page and you will see the key.

3. Cart surfer medal

The Cart Surfer Medal is a pin in Club Penguin that can be obtained by ranking # 1 on the Cart Surfer Leaderboard. You can search the internet for tricks on how to get the most points on Cart Surfer.

4. Wise Puffle

If you want to get to the Hidden Dojo Room, Dojo Pathway, and Serene Springs, where beauty abounds, then you need the wise puffle pin.

To get it, go to the Pet Shop and click to open the Puffle Adoption Catalog (i.e. the red book with the text Pets on it).

Once opened, scroll to the last page to get the wise puffle pin.

5. microscope

Microscope is one of the brand new pins in Club Penguin Rewriting. Here is where it is. First enter the lighthouse and go to the net on the ground (right next to the wagon wheel). There you will find the microscope pen.

6. Snow cone

The Snow Come Pin has returned to Club Penguin Rewrited and is one of the collectibles in the game. To get it, just go to the coffee shop and toss snowballs into the Snow Cone machine.

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