Chiropractors at a Florida mall issued more than 500 mask exemptions for a school district

Strange, because as WFLA 8 Dr. When asked Busch about this, he said: “Myself, I tell you that I have not granted exceptions to any parents I have not met.” On the other hand, he also said: “This is not a political matter. I’m not an anti-mask person or an anti-Vaxx person, but I am an advocate of freedom and choice. ”This naturally raises the question: is Mr. Busch acting as a doctor?

These exceptions appear to have a direct impact on the Sarasota County School District. After reports of Busch surfaced, the school district announced Tuesday night that exemptions could only be signed by “doctors, osteopathic doctors, licensed or advanced nurses”. What this means for the over 500 exemptions that Busch has signed has not yet been finalized by school officials, but there is a good chance these exemptions will be lifted.

Busch has now called on a lawyer because he might be in a little trouble now (fingers crossed). Attorney Bryan Kessler told the Herald-Tribune that the district’s new policy banning chiropractors as “medical professionals” is extremely problematic. In an email, he wrote: “It appears that if the school board takes the position that chiropractors are not qualified to sign mask exemption forms, then of course they are also not qualified to determine whether a student is physically fit is to take part in athletics in school. Perhaps the school board will be able to comment on this in the future. ”Perhaps Mr Busch can justify a single exemption granted by him from a medical point of view?

The Sarasota County’s school district defied Governor DeSantis’ attempts to make masking obligations illegal and began a 90-day statewide school mask mandate on Monday. On Friday, Judicial District Court Judge John C. Cooper ruled that Governor DeSantis’ attempts to ban mask mandates in schools were unconstitutional. This is what Dr. Busch led to a boost in business. Of course, Dr. Busch no con man, and he told WFLA 8 that he will sign all of these exemptions free of charge. On the other hand, he also said he was checking to see if there was a legitimate reason for these people’s children to receive medical exemptions, and that doesn’t seem like an honest statement.

The Sunshine State has seen a surge in COVID-19 illnesses, hospital admissions, and deaths, as has much of the country as the more contagious Delta variant of the virus spreads. In addition to these rising numbers, there are reports that Governor DeSantis, probably best known as a true sociopath, and his lackeys have tampered with statistics and data to create the illusion that the COVID-19 cases are not too bad. That means that as bad as it seems in Florida, it’s likely a lot worse.

According to the US News & World Report, the Sarasota County School District consists of a total of 61 schools that educate 43,111 children from preschool through high school.

Watch the local news about Mr. Busch and notice how often he shakes his head and blinks when confronted with the fact that he might be a liar.

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