Cardinals, Pink’s benches empty after Nicholas Castellanos stands over him and yells on the pitcher

The Cardinals and Reds participated in the first incident that broke the benches of the 2021 MLB season at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati on Saturday. The red outfielder Nicholas Castellanos took center stage.

Castellanos was standing over pitcher Jake Woodford on the home plate, yelling at him after scoring in a wild place in the fourth inning. Castellanos was still upset that Woodford had pitched him earlier in the inning.

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“I was wearing 93 in my ribs, it doesn’t feel good,” said Castellanos after the game on The Athletic’s C. Trent Rosecrans.

“I got up and said ‘let’s go’ and walked away,” added Castellanos per Rosecrans.

Woodford and catcher Yadier Molina rattled on Castellanos, which got everyone on the field. No beats were visible in the TV feeds.

Minutes later there was a flare up in the outfield as the bullpens returned to their respective locations. Cardinal Helper Jordan Hicks and Red’s shortstop Eugenio Suarez were among the directors. Again, no beating was seen.

Castellanos was the only person who was ejected. The Reds won the game 9: 6.

The aversion to St. Louis-Cincinnati dates back more than a decade. A real brawl between the teams also took place in Cincinnati in 2010. Molina was in the middle of it too.

Nevertheless, Castellanos expressed his respect for the veteran Molina.

“This guy could slap me in the face and I would still ask him for a signed jersey,” Castellanos told reporters via Rosecrans.

There has been speculation that the Cardinals were taking revenge for Castellanos jumping out of the racket’s box on its opening day on Thursday. Cardinal starter Adam Wainwright tried to stifle this conversation. Wainwright seemed more upset that Castellanos offered Woodford the ball, which hit him.

“This is tired. He should know better,” said Wainwright, according to The Athletic’s Katie Woo.

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