Best Unlocked Game Sites for School

Unblocked games galore. Assuming your school prevented you from playing games on your favorite portal, here are the best unlocked game sites to use right now.

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I know that filtering Internet content by blocking certain websites is “undoubtedly” one of the best ways to “protect” students from harmful content on the Internet. But you know that all work, not play, makes Jack a boring boy. Studies have shown that playing video games can help students become better learners instead of becoming “dumber”. It will improve their problem-solving skills and will likely make them more creative.

It is so ridiculously lame that schools are obsessed with preventing students from accessing certain “content” online. Blacklisting social networks as well as pornography and some adult games like Summertime Saga is completely explainable, but including Flash games is beyond my point of view.

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While these were done in a way to get students to focus in class and not hesitate or slack off, schools should at least look past the negative effects and see through the positive sides. Flash games are simple in nature. You can do little or no harm to children, but instead improve their productivity and raise them at the same time.

For people who didn’t know, unblocked game websites are websites that host tons of flash games that weren’t blocked by your school. There are a number of them of course – with the Flash player plugin, but some have started to creep out and their games are now entirely HTML5 based.

Assuming you want to play Happy Wheels, Run 3, and other popular flash games in your spare time at school, here is a list of the best unblocked game sites to use when school sucks or you are bored.

1. Tyrones unblocked games

From Bloons Tower Defense through 2048, there are obviously a “whopping number” of games that you can find on Tire’s Unblocked Games website. The site’s easy navigation and user-friendly interface, as well as its “generosity”, are perhaps the best things that set it apart from its competitors. Playing most of your favorite games on the platform is as easy as ABC, as all you have to do is select one from the left panel and you’re good to go.

There is also a search bar on the site and you can easily request a game to be added and the developers will do it as soon as they get your message.

2. All unbanned games 77

Unlocked Games

All Unblocked Games 77 calls itself the most popular unblocked games site on the internet and the developers were not kidding when they made this statement. Unlike most unlocked game sites made on Google sites and Weebly platforms, Unblocked Games 77 has proven to be the fastest of them all. It offers hundreds if not thousands of games like Gunblood, Learn to Fly, Minecraft, and more in the highest possible quality – and they’re all free to play.

All that is required of course is an active and strong internet connection and you can easily play every single game on the platform on your school PC.

3. Unlock games 66 EZ

Unlocked Games

If these lists are to be ranked, Cool Math Games will most likely be at the top. It is hands down the best unlocked game website ever. Unblocked Games 66 EZ offers strictly non-violent and educational games and has been attended by many students in the US without any problems. From logic to puzzle genre, the site has more than 100,000 games on its platform and has been for a very long time.

Without a doubt, Unblocked Games 66 EZ is a brain training portal. It is a website where logic and thinking meet fun and games. Violence-free games don’t exist on the platform, but you will find a range of games with challenges that will make you forget school sucks sometimes.

4. Unlocked Games 66

Unlocked Games

A first visit to Unblocked Games 66 may put you off, and that’s probably because the site doesn’t display their list of games in the grid on the homepage, but if you forgive the design and click the door-like icon again below the Search bar you will be amazed.

Unblocked Games 66 library of flash games is an abundance. The site exists exclusively for students. In order for them to play most of their favorite flash games in school, it was purposely made on Google Sites as schools cannot block anything with Google.

5. Unlocked Games 99

Unlocked Games

First of all, I want to praise the minds behind this site. Unlike Unblocked Games 66, they did a very good job of adding some games as well as their thumbnails on the homepage. Unblocked Games 99 similar to the above features the same navigation. But what makes it more advanced is its huge catalog of games.

From the ever-popular stick fight to candy crush, there’s Road Fury, Solitaire and more. There are a variety of unlocked games on the platform, all of which are free to access and play.

6. Scratch

Unlocked Games

Scratch, also known as, is unique in one word. It’s specifically designed to help young minds think creatively, argue systematically, and work collaboratively, and it does all of these things with games. With over 5,000 games unlocked, Scratch has proven to be the best way to play online while you’re at school or in the office. It gives you access to loads of flash games and doesn’t ask for anything in return.

Unlike several unblocked game sites, you will hardly find any intrusive advertisements on Scratch, and the game library is truly exceptional.

7. Unlocked games 24h

Unlocked Games

In addition to a “stressful” education, the students should have a “healthy” place to play and have fun. In this sense “spawned” Unblocked Games 24h with one goal, namely to bring the little ones to the playground. It is literally an inexhaustible source of online fun. Offers thousands of awesome unblocked games for students to play at school during recess, and it’s free too.

The website’s intuitive interface is pretty amazing, and there are plenty of addicting non-blocked games like,, and more on the platform.

8. Unlocked Games 6969

Unlocked Games

To be irreplaceable, you always have to be different. Unblocked Games 6969 is certainly unique and therefore cannot be replaced. It’s a unique and feature-rich website for unlocked games that you would ever find on the internet. Its extraordinary advantages aren’t the colossal number of educational games it hosts, nor the simple and perhaps straightforward user interface.

Without a doubt, what makes Unblocked Games 6969 unique is the fact that it offers music to its users. From Alan Walker’s Alone to Naron’s Imagination, you can find a sheer amount of MP3s to play on the website.

9. Unlocked games pod

Unlocked Games

Assuming you’re bored at school or work and you want to play hundreds of the best free unblocked games online, all delivered over a secure SSL connection, the Unblocked Games Pod should be a really frequent visit. It is a very popular web portal that offers loads of high quality HTML5 and Flash games.

From action to adventure to defense, fighting, driving, sports, puzzles and more, there are a number of unblocked games from different categories that you can discover on the site. With an attractive user interface, the game library of the Unblocked Games Pod is updated regularly and, as usual, is free of charge.

10. Unlocked game world

Unlocked Games

We have finally unlocked the game world. It’s similar to Tyrone’s Unblocked Games portal in all respects, but a bit better. Originally known as My Unblocked Games with Grow Island the first game ever added to the site, Unblocked Games World has grown into a very popular site. It has all of the flash games you can imagine and users can request even more.

Probably one of the things that appeals to me about the portal is the fact that it is free from advertisements. So you can go ahead and use it. It has never been easier to play unblocked games without interruptions and during school breaks.

Wrap up

Schools continue to distribute tablets and laptops to students, and within a day or two, the geniuses among them are most likely to bypass the filters that are supposed to prevent them from accessing games and non-educational content. Although this is usually achieved using different proxy servers, it can be cumbersome. So we decided to list the above unlocked game sites to make things easier. Note, however, that this is for educational purposes only. Your studies should come first.

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