“Assistance is there and hope is there,” says Biden when the COVID-19 assist begins and the vaccinations enhance

“We want to avoid a situation where people don’t know what they’re entitled to,” said Vice President Kamala Harris of the Culinary Academy in Las Vegas. “It doesn’t sell it; It literally means informing people of their rights. Rather, think of it as a public awareness campaign. “

Those rights include the $ 1,400 checks that go to all but the highest earners – “85% of American households,” Biden said – as well as a weekly increase in unemployment benefit of $ 300 a week until May 6. September, and an increase in the child tax credit to make it possible will not only cut child poverty in half but also help many middle-class families weather the added stress of the pandemic.

The law’s help doesn’t just go to individual households, and Dr. Jill Biden’s stint at a New Jersey elementary school demonstrated the workload of $ 130 billion in school funding. In one classroom, the Associated Press reported, only two students attended in person, while the other 17 students were away in the class. Too often, the personal education debate is portrayed as one where parents insist that schools be opened no matter what, but in many places where schools are open, children are still at home.

Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg also toured a UPS distribution center that distributes vaccines.

However, as the vaccination rate increases and shortages are no longer a problem, the Biden government is increasingly trying to counter the hesitation of the vaccine. The problem is that Republicans are the most reluctant group – a group that Biden and his high-profile deputies are not best positioned to make personal appeals. Polls show that a significant proportion of Republicans – one in three in a recent CBS poll – say they definitely won’t be vaccinated. This decision has implications for their own health and for the United States’ prospects for herd immunity.

The White House works with groups like the National Farmers Union and NTCA – the Rural Broadband Association – to promote vaccination in rural communities. And while Donald Trump was not on the former presidential ads urging people to get vaccinated because he was not known to have been vaccinated at the time those ads were created, the head of the Covid Collaborative contacted , a non-partisan group, sent him a former Trump aide who included him in the effort.

Which, good luck. Because Donald Trump, help? It’s hard to imagine how someone connected to Biden could offer Trump enough ego incentive for this.

When asked if he wanted to involve Trump, Biden suggested that there were other ways to reach out to the vaccine-reluctant Republicans, saying, “I discussed it with my team and they say that what has more impact than anything Trump would say to the MAGA people is what the local doctor, the local preacher, the local people in the church are saying. “

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Chairman Mitch McConnell takes every opportunity to poke fun at Biden’s accomplishments. After nearly a year of failure and death courtesy of Team Trump, in which McConnell decided to personally avoid the dangers Trump’s COVID-19 management strategy posed for him and visit the White House for his discomfort with the lax protocols there, now McConnell has found his voice that there is a government out there trying to do better. Biden’s vaccination goal was “not a bold goal,” says McConnell. It doesn’t matter that the goal is exceeded dramatically. McConnell has also preemptively stated that the American bailout plan will not be responsible for an imminent economic recovery, despite Goldman Sachs saying the opposite, and tens of thousands of airline employees having already revoked layoffs under the law.

However, McConnell’s ridicule is unlikely to deter Republicans from applying for loans for certain projects funded by the American Rescue Plan. This reflects their wider lack of message to respond to a popular bill that they did not want to endorse.

The worst thing for Republican politicians is Biden’s words: “Help is here and hope is here in a real and tangible way. “Because they are a reality for the people of the United States

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