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The Black Kos Community was launched as a group on Valentine’s Day 2011 and is dedicated to publishing stories that “cover a wide range of topics including black history, the arts, politics and culture of people of African descent worldwide” . The group started with a comprehensive retrospective of jazz –Black Kos Music: One night in Tunisia, by Denise Oliver Velez. After that first musical break, Black Kos set a pattern for reporting a recap of news and culture Black Kos, Chile on Tuesday and the Friday week in retrospect. The first Chile on Tuesday posted to the Black Kos Community featured a personal retrospective on Minister Malcolm X by Denise Oliver Velez.

All Cossacks are cordially invited to be “on the veranda” during Black Kos’ twice-weekly talks. The regulars are courteous and generous people. With 969 regular followers, 422 members and many other informal “porch sitters”, Black Kos is one of the largest and most influential groups in the Daily Kos community.

I hope to be able to introduce more groups in the coming weeks. If you want to draw attention to your favorite, leave me a comment or write me a kosmail.

Community Spotlight is also a group; One that is unique to Daily Kos in that we are a team of volunteers who screen and train our members. We read every story published by community writers. When we work around the clock and discover great work that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, we save our employees Group blog and publish a weekly collection every Saturday – like this one. Rescue priorities and measures were outlined in a previous edition: Community Spotlight: Saving your excellent stories for over 14 years. If you’d like to work with us, send us a message and we’ll have a chat.


Baal still presents an informative, surprisingly easy-to-understand look at hypertension and dietary salt in Diets high in salt, high blood pressure, mortality and physiology. It is not easy. Hypertension is a major health problem worldwide. As research uncovered various factors that trigger high blood pressure, including age, diet, and genetics, treatments have evolved from early addiction to diuretics and now encompass a range of drugs and therapies. Despite advances in treatment, recognizing the role that excessive salt plays in our diet is vital to the continued health of patients, and it is not always easy to achieve. “In a grocery store you can find low-sugar, low-carb, and gluten-free foods of all kinds, although many people who buy them are non-diabetic and non-celiac. But it’s much harder to find low-sodium foods.” Baal has been a Cossack since 2015, and writes lately still about medical problems. This is her second salvation.

FrankDiPrima Sums up the challenges facing HR1 (For The People Act) and explains why he believes that simply changing the rules – to make laws related to elections and voting rights filibuster-safe – is sensible and for the few too Democrats would speak out against an end to the filibuster in How to Pass HR1: Filibuster Outsourcing for Voting Rights and Elections by Modifying Senate Rules. “I believe this would be welcomed by all Democrats, including the few who have promised their constituents not to vote for a rule change that would get rid of the filibuster because (a) the moderates, particularly Ms. Sinema, get far would have a better chance or re-election with it than without it and (b) Democrats would have a far better chance of competing for a majority with it than without it. “With a summary of what the bill does, the author reminds us that democracy itself is in balance and that the rest of the democratic agenda is doomed to fail without reform. FrankDiPrima is a fan of Shakespeare, Joyce, and the Mets and has written 118 stories. This is his fourth salvation.

From the section “More things in heaven and on earth”, skralyx report about A new biology of color vision: the nematode feels color but has no eyes. The cells and neurons of nematodes have all been genetically mapped, making them popular for laboratory work. The small bacteria-eating animals also have no eyes and therefore cannot see. So why are they avoiding the color blue, especially the blue of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacterium that is toxic to both nematodes and humans? “So how is the nematode so cleverly avoiding this bacterium? You and I can see its blue color with our eyes. (Not that we’d be tempted to slurp it no matter what color it was.) But nematodes don’t have eyes In fact, they don’t even have opsins, the light-sensitive pigments that form the basis for light perception in bacteria, including humans. “The answer: science! Often writing about science, Skralyx has written 410 stories and has been rescued 40 times.

Everyone stood up for OceanDiveris photo intensive Dawn Chorus: Eagle! and no wonder. Who doesn’t like spectacular photos of our national bird? “I usually see one or more every day, except in autumn, but ordinary doesn’t mean ordinary. I always stop admiring when I see or hear one (unless I’m driving, even though I’m slowing down and stretching my neck) . Eagles are great birds no matter what they do. “OceanDiver deals with eagle behavior: bird territoriality, diet (not for the faint of heart), and behavior of Dawn Chorus, a daily bird watching function. OceanDiver, who lives on an island in the Salish Sea, has written 685 stories, many for the Backyard Science Group.

The joy of flying and the onslaught of incredible speed are combined PwoodfordCelebration for the F-104 Starfighter in Air-Minded: zip. At twice the speed of sound, the experience of flying these elite aircraft is like driving an arrow. “In flight, the tiny wings cut through the air like fletches on the arrow shaft. The F-15 had large wings and you could feel every random flow and bump in the air. There was none of that in the zipper, the smoothest-flying aircraft in which I’ve ever been. “Pwoodford has 395 stories at Daily Kos. This is his 70th salvation.

Bookgirl weighs the joys of an author’s skillful focus shift in Contemporary Fiction Views: Getting to Know the Absent Parent for the Readers and Book Lovers Group with a review of Gianrico Carofiglio’s new novel, Three o’clock in the morning. Carofiglo turns away from his earlier genre of crime thriller in Bari, Italy, and turns to domestic drama and the relationship between a father and son who barely know each other. “While everything about the narrative itself is different from those detective novels, there is the same sensibility – that life is seldom fair, but it’s here to be lived, not just endured.” The plot is really a means of exploring the dynamics of a family crisis with a “pitch perfect” solution. As a public school librarian and teacher, Bookgirl has written 253 stories. This is her 96th salvation.

First film in a year and it’s worth it: Judas and the black messiah by Lord Unoball is less of a film review than a story of different kinds of freedom. The author and his wife had the opportunity to see the film in a theater and had to decide, “Not whether I wanted to see this, but would we feel safe? Would it still be a worthwhile movie experience? “In his description of the precautions in the newly opened theater, he contrasts the freedom to see a movie with the movie and his portrayal of the abuse and murder of blacks who only claim their legitimate rights as Americans, which is led by the powers of American law enforcement agencies to mark them as threats and treat them as enemy combatants. Oh, and he loved the movie. Senor Unoball, whose profile tag reads “Any group with the word” Patriot “in their name, probably not, has made 95 stories.

Correct pronunciation and respect go hand in hand What’s in my Nigerian name. Growing up in the USA with a West African name, he seldom heard it pronounced correctly, Eihenetu tells how teachers, fellow students and, ultimately, co-workers used nicknames as a kind of crutch and how he used them to make friends. As an adult, however, he has learned that he is not the only “Eze” in the world – it is not an unusual name in Nigeria or among expats. “After my father died in 2013, I thought I was just one of the few in the world, a representative of a rare species of people. That impression caused my nerves to have spiky porcupine feathers. But after further research by and Immersion In Igbo culture, I realized that I was one of many others. So he’s determined to get staff to get his name right, not just for themselves but for all of the other Ezes he now knows are out there Eihenetu has been a Cossack since 2015. Author of 221 Stories, this is his 15th rescue.

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